A twisted love story

This is a story of true love, and how it is found with your heart and not your eyes


3. Mystery guy

Chapter 3-
After a long class period filled with awkward silence (that was only awkward because I didn't feel the least bit awkward) the bell rang. I got up and walked out without a second look. I was halfway down the hallway when I turned around to wait for Scarlett and Rachel. As soon as I turned I came face to face with those gorgeous green eyes "dont think you can get away from me that easily love" Harry said with a wink. I rolled my eyes, turned back around, and walked away. "what do you want harry?" I said know he was right behind me. "actually you left our journal. It must have fallen out of your bag." he said holding the journal out. "thank you." I said feeling bad about how I was treating him earlier. "well see ya around" "don't count on it styles" I said with a smile and walked away. "what was that all about?" Scarlett asked "nothing" I said and we went on with the rest of our day. It wasn't until I opened my journal that something crossed my mind. Why was Harry being so nice and quiet when he gave me y journal?  It was odd. Did something happen after I left the room? Wait a minute... Did he read my journal?! No! There was no way... Plus why would he act weird about it... Oh no! I know why... Because on the first page of my journal I wrote about my new blog I had started... He knew about fantasychick. I froze as I looked down at my journal, there was a note stuck on the first page. I peeled it off and read it "meet me outside the gym after school we need to talk" uh oh... I was in eighth period and it was only a matter of seconds before class was diss missed. I didn't even have time to panic because my thoughts were interrupted by the bell. I felt sick but got up and walked to my locker in a daze. I opened it and got my things while staring mindlessly into space. I didnt have a clue as to what Harry would say to me, but it was only a matter of time before I would find out. now I was standing right in front of the gym doors. I took a deep breath and opened the doors. That's when I once again came face to face with those beautiful green eyes. Before I could even begin to explain myself Harry exploded "I can't believe it! YOU'RE fantasychick? This is great! Or is it? I can't believe that the captain of the cheerleading team can write such deep and soulful writing!" "deep? Soulful? You actually read my writing?" I said in complete shock. " yes. I do..." Harry said looking at the ground. Was he blushing? I couldn't tell. "do you like it?" I asked not meaning for the words to come out of my mouth. " you reach deep into my Barron heart and find compassion, and love, and purity" he said not braking his gaze from the ground. He just quoted one of my first stories... Not many people had read it because I wrote it before my blog became popular. It was my favorite piece and he had just quoted it. "h-how do you know that?" I asked  nearly falling over with shock. "A Story Of Love is my favorite piece... And it's also yours" how did he know that. Now I was scared. "h-how. Do you. Know that?" I managed to choke out. "because you told me" he said shuffling back and forth from one foot to another. "what?" I said. It didn't click until what he said next. "well actually fantasychick told me on chatterbox" he was my mystery guy. And that was the last thing I remember before everything went black.
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