The Watcher

Lilac King is a normal girl. She couldn't imagine a better life than she has now. But one night that all changes. Her mom gets a call from the police. It's her father. He was killed in a horrific accident. Lilac is curious as to who would do such a terrible thing to her father. Her father had never done anything to make anyone want to hurt him. As Lilac races to find out answers to her father's sudden death, she may not be the only one after answers.


6. Chapter 6:

Lilac had to do something to forget about that awful dream she had last night. She thought about what she could do to clear her head, as she stared down at her bowl of puffy alphabet letters and colorful milk. She was going to be late for school but she didn’t care. She was too scared to think about homework or school right now. She had been really jumpy all day long, because of her dream that had terrorized her last night. Her mother had asked her several different ways what was wrong with her but she told her mom that she was fine. The last think Lilac wanted from her mom, was for her to worry even more about her.


Lilac suffered through first period, then second, then third. The day seemed to slug by like it was in slow motion. She hated those kind of days. She couldn’t stop thinking about the dream. What if it was real?! What if someone was really after her? After her mom? But why? What did The Man want? And where was he taking me?

 All of these heart-wrenching questions seemed to flow into her mind all of the sudden. She couldn’t stop thinking about them. New questions popped into her head now and then during her classes. She was so spaced out that she answered  a math problem wrong…which she NEVER did. Mr. Morris asked her what the square root of Pi was and she said “Pi”. She just wasn’t in the game today. She had to figure what was wrong with her…and fast.



When Lilac got home the door was unlocked. The door was never unlocked. Her mom didn’t get home until about five o’clock, so there was no reason the door shouldn’t be locked.  She was quick to assume the worst of what was inside her house. Was it The Man? Was he here to take her? Were they being robbed?

Her heart was pounding a mile-a-minute as she slowly reached for the doorknob. She slowly walked up the first step then the second, until she became level with the door. She took a deep breath and thrust the door open. No one was inside her living room. She silently tip-toed throughout the living room and into the hallway, and she peeked around the corner, into the dining room. 

She heard someone hang up the phone. “He’s here”, Lilac thought, “he is here for me! Oh my gosh!!!”

Then she got a fearless thought in her head. Fear is what he wants. Don’t fear him.

She slowly inched her way into the dining room, scaling the wall as she went like in the spy movies. Then she came to where he must have been hiding from her, the kitchen. As she rounded the corner she jumped and landed as loud as she could, with her eyes closed, and simultaneously yelled, “Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Once she opened her eyes she was so embarrassed she wanted to hide under the nearest object.

It was her mom.

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