The Watcher

Lilac King is a normal girl. She couldn't imagine a better life than she has now. But one night that all changes. Her mom gets a call from the police. It's her father. He was killed in a horrific accident. Lilac is curious as to who would do such a terrible thing to her father. Her father had never done anything to make anyone want to hurt him. As Lilac races to find out answers to her father's sudden death, she may not be the only one after answers.


5. Chapter 5


“Please!!!! Please!!! I will do anything!! Just stop! Stop! Please!” Lilac shouted to the man standing over her father with a gun. Her father laid on the concrete floor, breathing hard. In shock.

            “Anything...?!” the strange voice that belonged to a man, inquired.

            “Yes! Yes! Please! Just…don’t hurt him!! Please!” Lilac panted, scared out of her mind.

The strange man reached down to where she laid, and grabbed a hold of her arm.

            “Get up!!’ he spat.

The Man looked upset at the lack of movement, “Now!!!!!” he shouted as he waved his gun.


Lilac scrambled to her feet. She tried to keep up with The Man’s odd but quick pace.

            “Hurry along now!” The Man said, sounding, to Lilac’s surprise…nice.

            “I am…I...I am” Lilac managed to utter.

            “Faster!!!” he shouted down to her.

The Man had to be at least two or three feet taller than her. She looked up at his face, he noticed and quickly turned his face away from her.

            “Where are you taking me?!!” Lilac questioned.

            “Somewhere far away from here. Somewhere that your father will never find you.”

She stopped dead in her tracks and stared him in his deep blue eyes, “he will find me!”

            The Man stared at her for a minute before knocking her out.


            “AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Lilac awoke screaming.

Her mother, approximately two seconds later, burst through her door without knocking.

            “Sweetie! What happened?!! Are you okay?”

            Lilac rubbed her forehead, trying to rationalize if what she just saw was a dream or reality. “Uhh…yeah. I just…had a...terrible dream. That’s all. Mom, seriously don’t worry. I’m fine.”

            “Okay. If you say so. Just…try and go back to sleep Honey, okay?” she soothed.

            “Yeah. Yeah sure. Good night Mom.”

            “ ’Night Sweetie. I love you. And don’t worry it was just a dream.”

            “I know. Love you too!” Lilac said.

She waited until her mom left the room, then she sighed.

            “Go to sleep!!! After that dream! You have gotta be kidding me!” Lilac said to herself. Then she looked around he room until she found her alarm clock, that sat on top of her pink night stand next to her bed. 3:30 AM, it read.

Great! Just great! She thought to herself.

She hopped down from her bed, and threw on her favorite sweater and her bunny slippers that her dad gave her for her 16th birthday, the day before he died. She ran down the steps to the kitchen, to make herself some tea. Maybe that would help erase the terrible memory of the terrible dream.   


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