The Watcher

Lilac King is a normal girl. She couldn't imagine a better life than she has now. But one night that all changes. Her mom gets a call from the police. It's her father. He was killed in a horrific accident. Lilac is curious as to who would do such a terrible thing to her father. Her father had never done anything to make anyone want to hurt him. As Lilac races to find out answers to her father's sudden death, she may not be the only one after answers.


4. Chapter 4


I had been watching Kings house for about a month now. To the point that I knew their regular routine. Lilac would leave to get on the bus to go to school at seven in the morning everyday, right after her father left for work in his beat up Toyota. Then her mother would be the last to leave. Then they would all be home around five o’clock at night. As far as I knew they haven’t noticed my presence in the midst of their lives. That was my order, to lay low and to not interfere until ordered to.

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