The Watcher

Lilac King is a normal girl. She couldn't imagine a better life than she has now. But one night that all changes. Her mom gets a call from the police. It's her father. He was killed in a horrific accident. Lilac is curious as to who would do such a terrible thing to her father. Her father had never done anything to make anyone want to hurt him. As Lilac races to find out answers to her father's sudden death, she may not be the only one after answers.


3. Chapter 3


Lilac sometimes had the feeling like she was being watched. She wasn’t sure if it was from the aftershock of her father’s death that put her on edge or not but ever since then she had been jumpy. Or maybe it was the visit to the graveyard. She hadn’t told her mother, but that day at the graveyard she had the same feeling, as it someone was watching her. She felt safe, but sometimes she didn’t. Her dad was the protector in her family and now that he was…gone, that feeling of protection was gone with him.


            Lilac sat in the middle of her bed with her family photo album on her lap. It was their photos from their vacation to Mexico. Her mom & her dad, and her all went there for a whole two weeks. They had to learn spanish to communicate with most of the people down there, which wasn’t a challenge for her since she had taken spanish her first two years at Lanting High. Her parents on the other hand…not so good at spanish.


            Those pictures and that vacation held the most precious memories for Lilac. That was how she had wanted to remember her father, smiling and full of life. She knew that her father wouldn’t want her to be sad, so she tried not to be. Lilac’s mom seemed to be more depressed these days so she did it for her mom, after all Lilac was the only family her mom had left.

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