The Watcher

Lilac King is a normal girl. She couldn't imagine a better life than she has now. But one night that all changes. Her mom gets a call from the police. It's her father. He was killed in a horrific accident. Lilac is curious as to who would do such a terrible thing to her father. Her father had never done anything to make anyone want to hurt him. As Lilac races to find out answers to her father's sudden death, she may not be the only one after answers.


1. chapter 1


Lilac stood in the middle of the graveyard, looming over the tombstone that belonged to her father. Her father died a week earlier in a terrible accident. She hadn’t been able to stop crying for a whole week after the police called and asked her mother to come downtown to ID the body that belonged to her father. It took her a few days to come to terms with herself that that body had been her father. Whatever happened to her father to make him deserve this terrible misery? In Lilac’s eyes her father was a hero. He was perfect in every way imaginable and he never did anything to hurt her or anyone. Ever.


“Lilac! Lilac! We gotta go! Lilac! Where are you???!!” her mother shouted as she zigzagged through all of the tombstones until she finally came into sight.


“Mom…shhh!!!! You are gonna disturb the dead you are so loud!” Lilac shouted back.


Her mom walked up to Lilac, and chuckled. “Fair enough” she said, as she smoothed out her slightly-wrinkled sliming red dress.

“We gotta go or we are going to be late to grandma’s house. And you know she hates tardiness” her mother said in a some-what irritated voice.


            “Yeah, yeah. Coming.” I said, irritated that she didn’t respect my time with dad.

“Bye daddy. I miss you, but I will never forget you. I love you!” I said to the tombstone, as I got to my feet and started to follow mom back to the car.





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