The Terran Legacy

On a planet over 1000 lightyears from earth, the remnants of humanity face extinction. Forced into an alien feud which ravages their home planet, called Terran. With no where else to go and a will to survive. The Humans of Terran have only one option. Fight or die.


2. Elderace Invasion


Damn...the Scorde breached the city walls." whispered Seargent Aaron. "Ok beta squad, listen up! We are the only remaining defense between these Scorde bastards and the Elderace control center. If they destroy this base then they will have a direct path to Elderace City. Understood?

A group of seven soldiers huddle together, covered in full body armor and smelling of dust and burnt metal. The orange star across their heads was clearly visable. Representing the Federation of cities., most powerful human faction on Terran. Several of them grunt in frustration and nod. Collectively they bump their Mark 3.0 Falchion machine guns together and shout in unison.

"Sir yes sir!"

Seargent Aaron turns to one of the soldiers. "Kyle! Get inside the Cryoss Station and flank them from the side. Dakota and Lucas, go with him and provide support. Erik, I want sniper support from the top of that station. Jason, Taylor and me will try to hold this position. Now, Beta squad... moveout!" As Kyle, Dakota and Lucas ran into the station, they began to feel the fire of war in their blood... As they ran clear to the other side of the station, racing through the robotics section and entering the Exit hallway, a loud noise caught their attention.


Out of nowhere a dimension portal opens right in front of the door. Dakota instantly recognizes them shouts outloud, "Illurans!"

A dozen seven foot aliens step through the portal. They had greyish, almost white skin, and huge razor sharp teeth used for tearing flesh from bone. They were very muscular and could tear a humans arms off if it wanted to. Their pure black eyes were sunk into their faces, giving them an evil glare. Before the aliens had a chance to react, the three men charge forward and leap over a fallen piller straight into the Illurans, catching them completely unaware. As Kyle jumps over the pillar he lands directly behind one the Illurans. He pulls out his Ademantium Battle Knife and stabs it in the back. At the same time he sidekicks another Illuran in the legs breaking them. He then elbows the one just kicked and slashes it's throat.

Private Dakota pulls out his Automatic Halberd Shotgun and blasts 3 of them into bloody chunks of flesh. While bashing another in the face with the gun knocking it out. Bright blue Illuran blood saturated the walls. Private Lucas then tackles one of them and punches it in the face, cracking it's skull. The other five Illurans sprint away at 20mph and escape out the exit as the portal closes. A few seconds later more cracks were seen outside and dozens more Illurans engaged the Scorde. Kyle jumps to his feet and looks at the others. "Get out your Falchions and let's move, those Illurans will probably start a fight with the Scorde which will buy us more time.



Private Erik stands on the roof of the cryoss station, a cool breeze blowing in his face. "I've got you now you bastards" As Erik looked down the sights of his Mark Seven Automatic Sniper, he noticed several Illurans rush out of from the floor below him attempting to surround the Scorde.

He quickly adjusted his aim and fired.




"Hehe, this is too easy" he whispers to himself. Several more shots are fired, decapitating several Scorde and another Illuran. *CRACK* Another portal appears across the street and Erik aims directly at the portal.

10 seconds went by...

20 seconds...

30 seconds...

Erik begins to loose his patience and fires into the portal.

"Where the F*** are they?!"


A portal appears roughly 10 feet behind him and Erik quickly jumps to his feet. As he stared into the translucent portal he saw a group of Illurans about to exit. Sweat drops from his brow and he is quickly overcome by a deep hatred. The war fire in his blood was stronger then he had ever felt before.

"Not this time mother fu*****" Eric says as he drops his sniper, pulls out his battle knife and charges straight into the portal yelling as loud as he could...






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