The Terran Legacy

On a planet over 1000 lightyears from earth, the remnants of humanity face extinction. Forced into an alien feud which ravages their home planet, called Terran. With no where else to go and a will to survive. The Humans of Terran have only one option. Fight or die.


1. Prologue

Planet Terran, 4168 AD

A black cloud hovers over the ruined city of Elderace. Blue lightning scorched the ground. Smoke rises from the buildings and fires burn the streets. There is no sign of life…

Blue and red blood saturates the country side and bodies litter the ground, giving off the smell of rotten flesh. Silence rules this once living land. Out of the haze, a tall muscular man, probably in his early twenties, limps across the battlefield. He was pressing against a gash at his side trying to stop the bleeding. As the twin suns awoke on the horizon he looked and saw the horror before him. He brushed the dust off his face and sighed. His eyes burned with sadness. The man cleared his throat and began to sing in a coarse, deep voice…


“When the beasts from below,

 Smite the monsters from the sky,

All evil reigns upon the surface,

When hope is gone and people notice,

So long my friends we’ve lost the day,

Too bad it had to end this way…”


As the man finished the song, he dropped to his knees and fell to the ground. Never to be heard again…

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