What lies Beneath the Weeping Willow.

Alright, its a story when one on the co-writers write a part then its continued by another and so on.


6. 6.

Once again : Emma389


The girls sat silenced. Not sure whether to leap to the rescue, or to stay put. All they could hear was someone rummaging. Heavy objects being thrown across the room, Jackie jumped from her wobbly chair and followed the noise into her mothers room. Jackie watched, watched as her mother lay in a heap paralyzed on the floor while Marcus leaped through the air throwing books and clothes across the room searching. 


"Marcus, why is mum on the floor? Help her!" Jackie ran over to her mother, wrapping her arms tight around her bony pale waist.


"Jackie call for an ambulance! Mum needs help, i can't find her medicines!" Marcus panicked, her hands shaking as he could barely breath he was in so much shock.


Jackie sat with her arms tight around her mothers waist not wanting to let go, until Marcus turned around and looked Jackie in the eyes. They were watering and she could see the fear in his eyes. Jackie knew she had to let go and run to the phone.


"Marcus...tell me mum is going to be ok?" Jackie begged holding back her tears, her voice wobbly as she spoke.


Marcus looked Jackie in the eyes once again, unable to answer. No one could tell if Their mother was going to be ok. Jackie dropped a tear as she stumbled, snaking around all the useless objects lying on the floor until she reached the kitchen where the house phone was kept. Jackie, about to grab press the buttons on the phone, stopped. She looked around the kitchen, two full plates of mildly warm soup still lay in the middle of the table. A breeze from the now fully opened back door spun around the room leaving Jackie with goosebumps. Amelia was gone.

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