What lies Beneath the Weeping Willow.

Alright, its a story when one on the co-writers write a part then its continued by another and so on.


5. 5.


Its me again: Ashleight607

“We have no idea what that is...” Amelia crossed her arms, prepared to deny, deny, deny. Jackie on the other hand stood shocked out of her mind, staring at the parcel in his hand. “Don’t lie to me Amelia! You have seen him! AGAIN!” He growled, towering over Amelia. “God Marcus take a chill pill!” Marcus clenched his jaw; he couldn't hit an eleven year old.

“If mum knew!” He threw the parcel in front of them. “She would be disappointed. “That’s not the box...” Jackie commented, trying to look innocent. “I forbid you from leaving this house.” He glanced at them both. Disappointment written in his eyes. “You can’t do that!” Amelia protested opening the wrinkled brown paper around the parcel. Inside the parcel lay five silver rings, a blue gem necklace and a broach that looked like an owl. “Something we can trade!” Jackie clapped her hands together.

“Over my dead body!” Marcus reached for the parcel but Amelia backed away. “We have been saving Marcus! We finally have enough to buy us a proper meal, for you, me, Jackie and mum. One that can last us months! We are continuing to work for dad.” Her eyes were stern. “He doesn’t deserve the name dad. You are his little pawns he gets you two to do his dirty work. It's sick and you two will have blood on your hands the rest of your life.” He muttered.

“Even if that’s the case. We are not going to watch mum die from starvation!” Jackie shouted. They all turned when there was a loud bang. “Mum.” The girls whispered as Marcus leaped over the broken furniture and towards her bedroom. 

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