What lies Beneath the Weeping Willow.

Alright, its a story when one on the co-writers write a part then its continued by another and so on.


4. 4.

Emma389 :)


Amelia and Jackie walked through their front door, struggling to open it as it was old stiff and broken. Their home was small, but all four of them manage to fit in tightly. Their Mum in the smallest bedroom and Amelia, Jackie and their 17 year old brother Marcus in the main room as there were three of them. They climbed over the old broken furniture and bin bags sprawled over the carpet waiting o be thrown out.


"Mum! were home!" Amelia shouted along the small corridor as they walked into the kitchen.


"sit down and eat your soup then girls, don't go in the garden for half an hour because your brother is cutting the grass" Their mother whispered in her usual weak voice while pouring he thin soup into two small bowls.


"mum, please eat. Your so thin...here take my soup, im not even hungry!" Jackie pleaded handing out her bowl.


"no thank you girls, eat up you need to be nice and strong to survive in this big hell of a world. I don't get hungry anyway..." Their mother sat down on a slanted stool, her body so brittle.


"Mum, Dad isn't coming back. Eat. please." Jackie pushed her bowl away from her towards her mother. 


Jackie's mother's eyes watered as she bit her lip, "thank you, but i think i need a lie down" She whispered quieter than normally, leaving Jackie and Amelia in the germ infested kitchen to eat alone.


"Jackie, that was not nice, you know how sensitive she is" Amelia mentioned


"never mind mum, what are we going to do if Marcus finds the parcel in the bushes when he is mowing the lawn? What if he finds it before dad's men pick it up? were going to be in so much trouble if he does!" Jackie worried, panicking at the thought.


"Marcus is not going to find out about...!" Amelia tried to calm Jackie down, before she was interrupted.


"Marcus is not going to find out about what...this?!" Marcus walked in the room angry, holding up a parcel in his hands which looked pre-opened with mud on it. The girls looked into each others eyes stunned.

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