What lies Beneath the Weeping Willow.

Alright, its a story when one on the co-writers write a part then its continued by another and so on.


3. 3.

Me again: Ashleight607.


The girls stared at the small wooden box; roses were carved into the red wood, the name Marie carved into the lid. They headed back home, not a word being said until one sister spoke. “Amelia.” She said, stopping in her tracks. “Yes Jackie.” Amelia looked into her sisters eyes; it was like looking into a mirror. Since they were only eleven you couldn't tell the difference between them, they hadn’t started to change in appearance, or personality.

“Shouldn’t we check the box?” Jackie stated, pointing a finger at the box in Amelia’s hands. “He scammed us once Jackie, he wouldn’t do it again. He knows what will happen if he does.” Amelia lowered her eyes remembering the blood her and her sister had spilled. “But how do we know that he won’t?”

“Because he won’t want to lose another one of his good men, now would he.” Amelia began to walk again. She walked into the ruins of their old town. Buildings were crumbling and threatened to topple on top of the sisters. There was a fire in one of the buildings, wild dogs fought over scraps of dead animal carcasses. Well what they suspected was an animal.

They stopped in front of a wooden shack, the smell of potato soup and stale bread filled their nostrils. “Mum’s cooking again.” Jackie muttered, they grinned at each other, imagining the sensation their taste-buds would share.

“We need to hide the box first.” Amelia walked towards a bush. “Wait.” Jackie grabbed her arm and flipped open the lid. In the box lay some coins and a bundle of 100 pound notes. “He scammed us again!” Jackie’s jaw tightened. “What?” Amelia turned the box around to see for herself. “This is worthless!!” Jackie knocked the box out of her hands. “Dammit Dad!” Amelia cursed hiding the box in the bushes just beside the forest for it to be collected by one of their father’s men, and to receive their next target, but they knew perfectly who their next target was going to be....

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