What lies Beneath the Weeping Willow.

Alright, its a story when one on the co-writers write a part then its continued by another and so on.


1. 1.


I shall start : Ashleight607. 


The weeping willow sways in the easterly summer breeze, leaves like lots of vines waiting to whip you if you get to close. The trunk twisting towards the sky, reaching out for the sun’s rays. It shadows the grass; grass that has been tainted with blood, the earth has been tainted with blood.

Two circles of grass, patted down where the sisters sit. Their blonde pig tails floating in the breeze. Matching red silk dresses, with black belts tied in a bow at the front. They held hands staring out at the river, their mum would kill them if she knew they were there. They chant to themselves:

‘Round and Round the willow tree,

Round and round we go.

If mummy knew we had the key,

The willow will weep.

Round and round the willow tree,

We skip until the dawn.

We skip round the weeping willow.’

As dawn approached and they continued to chant until he arrived....

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