Not Once But Twice

This is my first finfiction please tell me if you like it - Two best friends Ellie and Starr have dreamed about meeting One Direction and once they get the tickets to see them live in concert their life becomes upside down once they finally meet the band. Ellie has always found Niall Horan the one she would go for but once she meets another member of the band she doesn't now who to choose, something happens to her which changes her life forever but will she be able to cope with the change?Will Starr finally get her dream of becoming the girlfriend of Harry Styles is a mystery. Will they both get there heart broken or will they have there dream guy?


18. The Morning


I woke in my bed cuddled up to Niall, I don't remember one thing of last night. I got of from under Niall's hold and sat up.

"Errr" I moan.

I heard a little laugh and I turned towards Niall and he was awake.

"What happened last night?" I asked him.

"Well Starr came over on a mission to get you drunk, and by the looks of it , it worked" he told me.

"I feel horrid" I asked him.

"Yeah I'm not surprised , god you can drink a lot" he said with a smile on his face.

"Shhh not so load" I said in a hushed voice.

"I'm going to get you a glass of water" he told me and got up and went downstairs.

I climb out of bed and picked out some clothes and took them to the bathroom. I nice cold shower would wake me up a bit.

Niall's P.O.V.

I went into the kitchen as quietly as I could and as I walked through the door Harry was giving Starr a glass of water. We both smiled at each other as we both remembered last night and the Liam, Louis and Zayn came in and we burst out laughing.

"One how did you all get her and two why you all laughing?" she asked us.

"We will explain it all when Ellie comes down" Liam told her.

I grabbed a glass of water and went upstairs to Ellie, as I walked through her door she was drying her hair. She had it to the side and she was reviling the tattoo she had just behind her ear.

"When did you get that?" I asked her. I must have scared her cause she jumped.

Ellie's P.O.V.

"Oh that tattoo I got another one, but that one I got it when I turned sixteen my aunt took me to get it done, It did have my E and my ex-boyfriends D and I got it inked black about a year ago" I told him.

"Why did you two end?" he asked.

"Um he cheated on me with my friend, should've known really" I told him.

He seemed interested in it

"Can I have a look at the other one?" He asked

"Sure I only got it done the other day though" I told him.

I showed him my chest where the tattoo was and it said : R.I.P. Mum 1961-2012 with a little heart next to it.

He looked me in the eyes and then kissed me, he pulled me towards the bed and fell on top of me. We kept kissing until we got interrupted again.

"Err I hope i'm not interrupting but Ellie, Starr wants you downstairs so we can tell you both what happened last night" Liam said.

Niall climbed off of me.

"Alright we'll be down in a minute" I told him.

Liam walked out my room and went down stairs.

"Ellie will you go on a date with me?" he asked me.

"Yes of course I will" I said with excitement in my voice.

We both of up and headed downstairs.  


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