Not Once But Twice

This is my first finfiction please tell me if you like it - Two best friends Ellie and Starr have dreamed about meeting One Direction and once they get the tickets to see them live in concert their life becomes upside down once they finally meet the band. Ellie has always found Niall Horan the one she would go for but once she meets another member of the band she doesn't now who to choose, something happens to her which changes her life forever but will she be able to cope with the change?Will Starr finally get her dream of becoming the girlfriend of Harry Styles is a mystery. Will they both get there heart broken or will they have there dream guy?


16. Needing A Friend

It was a week after the death of my mother till my aunt Kris came down. I told her everything from meeting One Direction to mother's death, she was shocked that I met One Direction but when it came to mum she didn't want to hear about it.

"Aunt Kris we need to talk about mother's funeral" I told her. It seemed that I brought her back to earth cause she broke down in tears.

"I now but I can't get my head around it" she said.

"Isn't uncle Ben coming" I asked her and she shock her head.

"He said that berrying mum and dad was all he could take, he doesn't want to say goodbye to his sister" she told me.

*3 weeks pass*

I had my phone off ever since my mother died, I didn't want to talk to anyone but I decided to turn it on. Once I let it load all the missed messages I had a over all of 50, I went to the most recent one.

Please message me back, need to know your alright x - Liam:)

I'm fine had my phone off x- Ellie

Liam's P.O.V.

My phone went off and when I checked it, it was Ellie she hadn't messaged anyone for weeks and she chose to send one to me. I was so shocked. I opened the text and it read.

I'm find had my phone off x - Ellie

Alright, how are you coping ? x- Liam:)

Better now but could use some company aunt Kris has gone home x- Ellie

Really you want me to come over? And why she leave? x -Liam:)

Yes please but don't tell the others, and she left cause the funeral has been and gone and she has a family that needs her. x- Ellie

wont and you should have told me about the funeral I would of been there for you. p.s. why aren't you texting Niall? x - Liam:)

Thanks but I copped and I'm texting you cause your the last one to text and if you'd like I could have him over in stead of you x - Ellie

Good and no its fine i'll come over see you in a few x -Liam:)

Once I finished texting her I ran to the shower to freshen up and got in some jeans and put on a clean tee-shirt.

Ellie's P.O.V.

When I finished texting Liam I clean a little, I needed a friend and Liam was that friend. I looked through the texts Niall sent.

Ellie please text me or call me xx- Niall

Ellie its been a week and I haven't heard from you xx- Niall

I miss you please message me xx -Niall

The first three broke my heart he actually cared for me and he was heart broken cause I didn't respond. Just as I went to log into twitter the door bell went. I answered the door.

"Hey Liam" I said with a smile.

"Hey , I'm so glad you contacted one of us" He stepped in and gave me a hug.

We walked into the living room and sat down, I offered drink and food which he said no to. He asked me how I was and the usual stuff and once we started to talk we couldn't stop. Liam told me that Niall was going crazy at the fact I didn't message him back he also mention that Starr tried to calm him down. That bit caught my attention.

"Wait did you say Starr was there?" I asked

"Yeah she and harry have been together the last week so she has been around lately, she has been trying to tell you but you didn't pick up your phone" he glared at me.

After a few hours of talking my phone went and it was Starr.

Hey answer me bitch! Love ya x- StarrStyles 

Starr had put that as her name in my phone typical that she would actually end up with him. 

Hey don't call me bitch, hoe :P Love ya 2 x - Ellie

Yay your texting finally, coming over tonight wont take no for an answer x- StarrStyles

Once I read her text I smiled. I looked up at Liam.

"It looks like you have to go" I told him

"Yeah I better get back, looks like Starr Styles is coming to get you" he teased.

We walked to the door laughing and once we said our goodbyes it was about 20 minutes till Starr arrived.

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