Not Once But Twice

This is my first finfiction please tell me if you like it - Two best friends Ellie and Starr have dreamed about meeting One Direction and once they get the tickets to see them live in concert their life becomes upside down once they finally meet the band. Ellie has always found Niall Horan the one she would go for but once she meets another member of the band she doesn't now who to choose, something happens to her which changes her life forever but will she be able to cope with the change?Will Starr finally get her dream of becoming the girlfriend of Harry Styles is a mystery. Will they both get there heart broken or will they have there dream guy?


15. Left Alone

When I woke up the bed felt cold, I thought mum must have left the windows open so I got up to close them but they where already closed. I looked over towards my mum and she was really pale and I touched her hand and she felt so cold. She was dead. 

I rushed over to the phone to call 999. The ambulance would be here soon. I sat in the corner of the room on the floor, I tucked my knees in and started to cry. The door bell rang so I ran downstairs and answered it. At the door was the ambulance , I told then to go upstairs and the first door on the right. They ran up and as I went to close the front door a foot blocked it. I looked out side and saw Liam there, he looked worried.

"What you doing here?" I asked him.

"I saw the ambulance head towards your street, I had to make sure you where alright" he said. 

"Yea I'm fine its my mother she past in her sleep" I told him with tears in my eyes. He came up to me and hugged me, I let go and took a step back

"I just want to be left alone" I said.

"Okay just give me a text or call me if you need anything okay" he told me.

I nodded and shut the door.

The ambulance came and went with the body of my mother.

And now I'm alone in the house.


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