Not Once But Twice

This is my first finfiction please tell me if you like it - Two best friends Ellie and Starr have dreamed about meeting One Direction and once they get the tickets to see them live in concert their life becomes upside down once they finally meet the band. Ellie has always found Niall Horan the one she would go for but once she meets another member of the band she doesn't now who to choose, something happens to her which changes her life forever but will she be able to cope with the change?Will Starr finally get her dream of becoming the girlfriend of Harry Styles is a mystery. Will they both get there heart broken or will they have there dream guy?


6. Interrupted

Once we got to the hotel car park Niall told me to park next to his car. It looked like the rest of them had gone in so it was just me and Niall. We where still sat in the car and it was beginning to get stuffy and hot so I got out and walked to the front of my car. After a couple of seconds Niall got out and walked over to me and stood in front of me. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back.

We stood looking at each other for a while and just then Niall leaned in and I knew he was going to kiss me so I leaned inward to him.

Niall's P.O.V.

She looked so beautiful I had to kiss her so as I leaned in I could tell she wanted me to kiss her. I got closer and closer to her I could feel her breath on my skin just as I was about to kiss her we got interrupted.

"Err hey guys you coming in , it's a little chilly out her dontcha think" I looked behind my to see Louis smiling his cheeky grin as if he hasn't done anything.

" Yeah we're just coming" I responded.

Me and Ellie started to make our way in behind Louis whistling "Gotta be you"

Ellie's P.O.V.

We where so close to kissing but Louis grr he's so annoying but then again maybe it was for the best. I wanted to kiss Niall but I only met him 3 hours ago, maybe I needed to get to know him a bit more and not rush things between us. It's obvious I find him attractive and boy is he hot but I should wait. As we walked into the hotel I let got of Niall's hand and put my phone and my keys in my bag and swung it over my head. Once I had done that I ran and jumped on Louis back.

"Oi why you'd do that ?" he said.

" Cause I stood up for 3 hours watching your concert and my feet hurt still so your carrying me" I said and stuck my tongue out , I knew he knew I'd done that on purpose cause he twirled me around to make me dizzy.

"Fine but I wont be walking or taking the elevator" and with that he ran to the stairs and ran up 5 flights of stairs with me on his back but this didn't effect me. I looked back to see if Niall was took the elevator or the stair but he wasn't behind us so he must have taken the elevator.

Once Louis got up the stairs and ran to the door Niall was waiting outside. He put me down and collapsed on the floor out of breath. 

"Never...again" he managed to breath out and me and Niall started burst out laughing.

The rest of them must of heard us cause they came out and started to laugh at Louis to and with that I helped Louis up and into the room.


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