Not Once But Twice

This is my first finfiction please tell me if you like it - Two best friends Ellie and Starr have dreamed about meeting One Direction and once they get the tickets to see them live in concert their life becomes upside down once they finally meet the band. Ellie has always found Niall Horan the one she would go for but once she meets another member of the band she doesn't now who to choose, something happens to her which changes her life forever but will she be able to cope with the change?Will Starr finally get her dream of becoming the girlfriend of Harry Styles is a mystery. Will they both get there heart broken or will they have there dream guy?


10. I'm Dying

I rush home to find my mum on the sofa in the front room waiting for me. She was staring out the window in her own little bubble she has been looking really ill lately

"Mum , i'm home" I say as I walk into the room.

"Oh hi love, did you have a nice night?" she asked I knew she was avoiding what she needed to tell me.

"Yea mum it was great, why did you text me that message you worried me" I put on a concerned look.

"that sound good, would you like some tea ?" now she was defiantly avoiding it.

"mum I rushed over here , what did you need to tell me?" I sat in front of her.

Just as she was about to tell me I got a text.

Hi Ellie got your number off of Starr hope you don't mind - Liam

No I don't mind-Ellie

Then I got another text.

Ellie got your number off of Starr call me please xx - Niall

Alright, did she give my number to all of you? And will once I sort things out here xx - Ellie 

Yeah she did and alright text me if you need anything xx- Niall 

I looked up from my phone and my mother was crying , she barely ever cry's this must be something important.

"Mum please tell me whats wrong" I said with a concerned voice.

"Hun I went to the doctors yesterday" She breathed then carried on " The doctor said that I'm extremely ill" I looked at her with tears in my eyes.

"What mum no your the healthiest person I now" I said now sobbing.

"I didn't want to tell you but I've been ill for about a five months now and I knew I was getting worse everyday I didn't take my medication" she took my hands and she told me what was wrong with her. I completely blanked out, she was dying and she didn't tell me.


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