Not Only In A Movie

Tara is a popular girl in school , she gets what she wants when she wants it and never gets told no , her little sister Kim , is in love with One Direction , her on the other hand doesn't really care , but when this one day comes about , who's cares and who doesn't.


1. Moving

"TARA! WERE LEAVING " i grabbed the last of my bags as i walked out of my room , i turned back as i look at my tiny room " i wont miss this room " , since they were moving to a new improved house , i mean a huge house , since her father died , 4 years ago , her mother met a new guy , 2 years later , tara still is upset , but she really likes her stepfather and her little stepsister , most sisters are mean to each other , but not us. we were moving with them today , they live in England , we live in New York, we met them durning my mothers business trip ,  we moved into the private jet that my stepfather Tom , had set for us , it's not a surprise thats he's rich. sitting in the plane on our long ride to England ,  my dad and sister are going to meet us at the house ," hun were 5 minutes away " , i grabbed my purse and my other bags i had with me , i then got up as the jet stopped , i then walked out and dropped my bags on the floor as i ran and hugged my sister and father as i said " i missed you guys so much " they hugged me back as i looked at the house and my eyes widen as i looked at the house , no exateration it was as big as the white house , i looked at him as i said , thats your new house? , he knoded and said " you like it ?" , i knoded as i say " more like love" , i smile brightly as Goose ran out , goose was their little puppy , adorable doesnt describe it , i then walked in a brought all my bags , "tara come here please " , the intercom spoke , i clicked the button to speak back as i said " okay dad , im coming " , i ran down the many stairs as he was on the bottom holding my sammy my 3 year old sister , sammy reached her arms out to me as i held her in my arms , my dad then said " come outside " , i walked outside with sammy as i saw a purple BMW i looked at my dad as he said " this is your new car " , i handed him sammy as i screamed " OMG THANKS YOU SO MUCH DADDY!" , i hugged him as i walked to the car and sat there smiling , i told sammy i will take her to the park after i unpack , i ran upstairs and unpacked my bags into my huge room. 

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