Gotta Be You

I know how they both feel and now all that’s left to do is to find out how I feel.

And right now, my heart is stuck in the middle of a tug-o-war. Niall pulling hard on one side and Harry pulling just as hard on the other.


11. Unknown Feelings



Isla's POV 


Me and Harry walked out to the backyard side-by-side with me still holding onto his arm because I was nervous about meeting everyone. 

I was so glad that Harry stayed with me. I would've looked like a total loser if I was standing here by myself.

Harry was really sweet and I couldn't stop smiling about that. Do I like him? I don't know yet. I've only known him for a day. But he was really nice to me today.

And I know that he would never like a normal girl like me. He's a member of one of the most popular boy bands in the world, he could get any girl he wanted but he would never pick me. He was just being nice.

"I'm just gonna get myself a drink," he said, breaking my from my thoughts, "I'll be right back." "Ok," I said as he walked away.

I just stood there with my drink looking around the yard.

I could see Dani and Liam talking to a group of people near the bonfire that was set up.

Lou and El were dancing to a slow song away from other people, talking and laughing. They were so cute together.

I could see Zayn and Perrie by the drinks table and started to talk to Harry once he got there.

I didn't want to look like a creep staring at people so I looked up at the stars.


Niall's POV


I was sitting by the fire stuffing my face with crisps when I saw a girl standing by herself off to the side looking up at the stars.

She was pretty. And the moonlight was hitting her face so I could see it clearly even though it was dark.

What was a pretty girl like herself standing all alone?

I got up deciding to talk to her.

I walked over to her but she didn't notice me when I reached her as she was still looking up at the stars.

"Hi there," I said, she snapped her head back down, jumping, "sorry, didn't mean to frighten you."

"It's ok," she said, shyly with a small smile.

"I'm Niall," I said, sticking out my hand and she shook it gently.

"Isla," she introduced herself, "you're in One Direction, right?"

"Yup," I replied, nodding.

"Yeah, I met everyone else in the band today, you're all really nice," she said.

"Thanks," I said, "yeah, I saw you standing here by yourself so I thought I'd come and talk to you. Pretty girl like you shouldn't be all alone at a party."

She blushed and looked down, "thanks, that's sweet of you."

Her blushing made me smile.


Harry's POV


I was talking to Zayn by the drinks table when I looked towards Isla and saw her talking to Niall.

Jealousy hit me, realizing how much I really liked her already. I couldn't let her get away.

"I'll talk to you later, okay?" I said to Zayn. I walked away before letting Zayn have a chance to respond.

I walked over to Isla quickly.

"Hey, I'm back," I said once I reached them. She smiled at me. I looked at Niall and saw his smile fade.

"So, you've met Niall," I said to Isla.

"Yeah, he came over to talk to me when he was I was all by myself, someone left me all alone," she said, looking at me and lightly nudging me on my ribs.

I laughed and said, "sorry! I needed a drink." We looked at each other for a while.

I shouldn't have left her, I should've kept her with me the whole time.

I didn't realize I was still staring at her until I heard Niall cleared his throat. He probably saw the way I was looking at her. I didn't care, maybe he'll get the hint that I like her.

"I have to go look for more food," he said, "I'll see you guys later. It was very nice to meet you, Isla." They smiled at each other making me feel uncomfortable and more jealous.

"You, too," she responded. He then turned around and walked away.

"Sorry for leaving you," I said.

"Don't worry about it, you don't have to stay with me if you don't want to," she said, nervously.

"But I do want to," I said, smiling at her.

She blushed again, smiling at the ground.

I really hope that she didn't have feelings for Niall.

More importantly, I hope that she liked me back.




It was 2 in the morning and the party was still going strong. Everyone was inside Liam and Dani’s place now since it started to rain outside.

Isla had gone to talk to Dani, Perrie and El and I was on the couch with the rest of the boys. Niall got drunk a couple of hours ago and was now passed out on Zayn’s shoulder, his mouth hanging open.

Lou had gotten a marker and drew a moustache and goatee on his face right after he passed out. He had taken a picture of it with the intent of using it to blackmail him in the future if he ever needed it. What a good friend.

“We should get Niall home,” Zayn said, as drool started falling from Niall’s mouth and onto Zayn’s shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s probably best,” Liam said, “I’ll take him back to his place. I’ll just let Dani know.” He then got up and headed towards the girls.

I saw Perrie heading over to us. “Hey, babe, we should go, I have to work tomorrow,” she said to Zayn.

“Alright, let me just help Liam put Niall in his car,” he replied.

Liam came back and went over to Niall’s sleeping body. He grabbed his one arm and put it around his shoulder and pulled him up as Zayn quickly did the same thing with Niall’s other side. Together, they headed out the door.

“Aw, guys, the party’s not over yet,” Niall whined, his head was moving but his eyes were still closed.

“For you, it is, mate,” Zayn said.

“Nooooo, you’re such a…such a…meanie,” Niall slurred.

“Say bye to everyone, Niall,” Liam said, as he opened the front door.

“BYE TO EVERYONE, NIALL!!!” Niall yelled. Everyone laughed at him.

“BYE, ISLA!!!” he said right before the door closed behind him.

Once again, jealousy hit me. I glanced over at Isla and saw her smiling and blushing as I could see Dani and El teasing her about what just happened.

I got really upset then because it seemed like she liked Niall. And the girls were teasing her, so maybe she told them that she did like him.

All of these thoughts were taunting me, making me sad.

But then all of those thoughts were pushed away and my heart leaped as I looked up and saw Isla looking at me. She smiled at me when we made eye contact. I smiled back and she gave me a small wave.

We were staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity until Dani broke her gaze and she brought her to another room along with El.

My heart was still beating fast with the smile still present on my face. I hid it though from Lou who was still beside me on the couch.

Zayn came through the door then and Perrie went over to him. Dani, El and Isla came out and all said bye to them.

“See you later, mates,” Zayn yelled over to me and Lou.

“See ya,” we said back and waved to him. They then opened the door and left.

“Hey, Lou! Come get a drink with me,” El said.

Lou got up and patted me on the shoulder. “Catch you later, Hazza,” he said.

I saw him walk over to El and they went into the kitchen. Dani said something to Isla and headed into another room. Then Isla turned around and headed towards me.

I smiled until she reached me. “I was beginning to think that you were avoiding me,” I teased as she sat down.

“I would never avoid you,” she said, smiling, “Dani wanted me to get to know El and Perrie more. They’re such sweet girls.”

“Yeah, they are,” I said. I thought to myself that it was my turn to get to know her more. But I knew that it would be hard to here at the party.

“Hey, wanna go out for some ice cream or something? It stopped raining,” I said, nervously, “Niall ate all of the food and I’m kinda hungry.” I hope she didn’t notice how nervous I was.

“Sure! I’d love to,” she exclaimed.

My heart leaped again as she agreed to go with me and I smiled again.

“I’ll just tell Dani that we’ll be back.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you by the door,” I said. She got up and searched for Dani.

A couple of minutes later she came back.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yup,” she replied.

With that, I opened the door for her and we walked out and started walking since we both had a bit to drink.

Since it was late, there was no one out and no one would spot us. I was glad because I didn’t want to get interrupted. I wanted to spend the whole time with her without any distractions.

And I didn’t want this night to end.



Hahaha drunk Niall :P

Keep letting me know if you're team Harry or team Niall :)

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