Gotta Be You

I know how they both feel and now all that’s left to do is to find out how I feel.

And right now, my heart is stuck in the middle of a tug-o-war. Niall pulling hard on one side and Harry pulling just as hard on the other.


47. Gotta Be You

Isla’s POV


Our team ended up losing since I found out I suck at bowling. I guess I was only good when someone helped me. But now I felt bad because I lost for our team. Everyone else on my team was good but Zayn and Liam were like professionals.

And now, we were all heading to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I was sitting in between Harry and Niall, Louis beside Harry and El on his other side. Zayn, Perrie, Dani and Liam were sitting on the other side of the table.

“So, what’s our dare?” Harry asked.

Louis immediately smacked him in the head. “You doink, why’d you remind them?”

“Sorry,” he mumbled, rubbing his head. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Oh, right, why, thank you for reminding us, Hazza,” Liam said. “What shall we make them do, Zayn, girls?” He looked over at Zayn, Perrie and Dani.

They all put on their thinking faces as the rest of us sat there nervously waiting to hear our fate.

“Well, since Harold was kind enough to remind us about the dare, I think that we should let him off the hook,” Zayn said.

“Really?” Harry exclaimed, a huge smile plastered on his face.

Liam and Zayn exchanged looks and faced towards Harry again before nodding at him.

“Yes!” Harry shouted, pumping his fist into the air.

“That’s not fair!” Louis whined.

“We’ll let you off, too, since you have a pretty face,” Liam said.

“And El, too, because I know she’s going to beat up Louis if she has to do the dare but Louis doesn’t,” Perrie explained.

Louis and El high-fived before multiple pairs of eyes turned towards me and Niall.

“That leaves dear Niall and Isla,” Zayn cooed.

“How come we still have to do the dare and they don’t?” Niall whined.

“Yeah, that’s not fair!” I said.

“Let’s just say this is payback for the makeover,” Zayn said, smirking.

“I don’t even remember the dare! I shouldn’t have to suffer!” I protested.

“Too bad, Isla,” Dani teased. “We were scarred from that day, it was horrible.”

I groaned before crossing my arms and sulking.

“What shall we make them do, guys?” Liam asked. He looked towards Louis, El and Harry. “You’re more than welcome to give us ideas, too.”

Louis started rubbing his hands together with a smirk on his face. I could practically see the gears turning in his head as horrible ideas came running through his head.

“I know!” Liam exclaimed. “You guys have to do a duet together and sing in front of the whole restaurant.” He finished by giving up a triumphant smile.

“Are you crazy?” I hissed. “We’ll get kicked out.”

“Oh well,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “It’ll make for a good night.”

“Harry, tell him it’s a stupid idea,” I begged, facing Harry. He was trying to hold back a smile.

“I think it’s a great idea, actually,” Harry said, still trying to keep a straight face as my eyes narrowed at him.

“But you weren’t even a part of the makeover dare,” I whined.

“Sorry, babe, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s up to Liam, Zayn, Perrie and Dani.”

I looked towards Perrie and Dani. “Please don’t make me do this.”

“You have a wonderful singing voice, Isla, you have nothing to worry about,” Dani said, smirking at me.

I closed my eyes and sighed in defeat. “I hate you all.”

“Come on, let’s just get this over with.”

I opened my eyes and looked up at a smiling Niall. He was standing up and holding out his hand for me.

Reluctantly, I took his hand and forced myself up to stand beside him.

“Are we gonna sing here?” I asked, already feeling embarrassed as a few people already started looking at us.

“Yup,” Zayn said, “perfect view for us.” He then took out his phone and pointed it towards us. Liam and El pulled out their phones, too.

My eyes widened as I realized what they were doing.

“What are you doing? No videos!” I shrilled.

“Sorry,” Liam said, grinning at me. “It’s only fair since you took pictures of us after the makeover.”

I groaned and decided to let it go.

“So, what should we sing?” Niall asked. I was surprised at how calm he was. Well, seeing as he was in a band, I realized that this was normal for him.

“How about…Gotta Be You?” Zayn suggested. “I’d love to see you hit those high notes.” I looked around the table and saw everyone looking at me and Niall with amused faces.

I was going to kill them.

“But--” I started to say.

“And go!” Liam shouted, the whole restaurant hearing him.

I jumped before looking around frantically. Everyone in the restaurant was now looking at us. I was started to feel nervous. But it soon disappeared as soon I heard the beautiful sound coming from beside me.


"Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed

Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart

I tore it apart."


I looked up at Niall and saw him looking back at me. I don’t know whether he was doing it for show or if he was being serious. He was looking at me with so much sincerity that it felt like we were the only people in the room. But my thoughts were interrupted as he continued to sing.


"And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence

And no woman in the world deserves this

But here I am asking you for one more chance."


I started feeling weird as my vision was blurring, the sounds around me was getting distant and distorted.




I was buried in my bed, hugging the teddy bear that Niall got me the day we had our first big fight. It seemed so long ago and now, I was here, crying in my bed.

It was our two-month anniversary and when I woke up this morning, I was so excited. I was expecting a nice, romantic day with Niall.

But then he had called me and said that he had plans with his brother.

He forgot about our anniversary.

He hadn’t called or texted me, which is what has caused me to lie in bed the whole day.

It was now past 8 o’clock, still no word from Niall. I refused to call or text him, I knew that I would end up going off on him.

So I just closed my eyes and let my tears fall on my pillow.

Suddenly, I heard my phone ring. I grabbed it and looked at the caller ID.

It was Niall.

My heart strained in my chest. My finger hovered over the answer button but I forced myself to put down the phone. I couldn’t talk to him right now.

The phone stopped ringing but a couple of seconds later, it started ringing again.  I put the phone on silent and put my pillow over my head, drowning out the vibrating noise.

It stopped ringing once again but this time, it stayed silent.

I stayed still as I allowed my heart beat to go back to normal.

My eyes shot open as I heard a tap from the window. I waited for another sound but none came. I closed my eyes again but soon another tap came from the window, this time it was louder.

I sat up on my bed and looked towards the window. Someone was throwing rocks against it. I pulled the covers off of me and hopped off of the bed. I slowly walked towards my window and pulled the curtains to the side before looking outside.

Standing in my front yard was Niall, looking up at me with apologetic eyes.

I took a deep breath before I opened my window and leaned over the windowsill.

“What are you doing here, Niall?” I said, no hint of emotion present in my words.

“Isla, I’m so sorry,” he said, shaking his head while still looking up at me. “I can’t believe I forgot about our anniversary. I remembered on my way home and I’ve been beating myself up since then. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

I just looked down at him. I wanted to forgive him right away so we can make up and I can hold him in my arms but a bigger part of me knew that he needed to prove that he was sorry.

“It hurt, Niall,” I said, trying to keep my voice from breaking. “I’ve been waiting for today since last night and when I woke up this morning and you didn’t mention anything, it hurt.”

“I know, I’m so sorry. Let me show you how sorry I am,” he said. He suddenly bent down, opening up a guitar case that I just noticed laying down on the grass. He pulled out his guitar and put the strap over his shoulders.

“This is for you, Isla. I love you so much and I’m so sorry.”

I just continued to look at him. My walls already coming down just at the sight of him right now.

He cleared his throat before his fingers started strumming against the strings of the guitar, the beautiful sound travelling up to my room.


"Girl I see it in your eyes you’re disappointed

‘Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart

I tore it apart

And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence

And no woman in the world deserves this

But here I am asking you for one more chance


Can we fall one more time?

Stop the tape and rewind

Oh, and if you walk away

I know I’ll fade

‘Cause there is nobody else


It’s gotta be you

Only you

It’s got to be you

Only you



Now, girl, I hear it in your voice and how it trembles

When you speak to me I don’t resemble who I was

You’ve almost had enough

And your actions speak louder than your words

And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard

But don’t be scared, I ain’t going nowhere

I’ll be here by your side


No more fears, no more crying

But if you walk away

I know I’ll fade

'Cause there is nobody else


It’s gotta be you

Only you

It’s got to be you

Only you

Oh, girl,


Can we try one more, one more time?

One more, one more?

Can we try one more, one more time?

I’ll make it better

One more, one more,

Can we try one more, one more

Can we try one more time and make it all better?


'Cause it's gotta be you

It's gotta be you

Only you

Only you

It’s gotta be you

Only you

It’s got to be you

Only you."


The whole time he sang, he never broke his gaze from me, as did I. I felt the sincerity in every word that he sang to me.

How could I not forgive after that? That was one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever done for me. I thought that it only happened in movies but here he was, apologizing with a song.

He slowly pulled the guitar strap from his shoulder and placed it back into the case before looking back up at me. He was looking at me with worry and fear in his eyes, waiting for me to say something.

However, I knew that words weren’t enough to show him how touched I was. So I stepped away from the window and ran out of my room, taking the steps three at a time before I wrenched the front door open.

Niall was walking away towards his car.

“Niall!” I called.

He whipped his head around, tears brimming his eyes. He put the guitar case on the ground before facing me. I quickly walked up to him before I wrapped my arms around him and placed my lips onto his.

He was startled and frozen at first but almost immediately he wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing me back. There was so much urgency in the kiss but then it started to soften, letting the love between us take over the kiss.


Ours lips moved against each other’s, all of my worries and doubts being emptied out of my heart. I felt the butterflies flying around like crazy in my stomach as Niall’s soft lips moved against mine with so much passion that it made my head spin.

After what felt like an eternity, we pulled away, gasping for air. He placed his forehead against mine as we continued to hold onto each other.

“I love you, Isla.”

“I love you, too, Niall.”

“I’m so sorry. I promise to never hurt you again.”

I just hummed, knowing that this moment was showing that I forgive him.

I guess I kind of overreacted but at least now I know how much he cares about me.

How much he loves me.


~End of flashback~


“Isla? Isla! Wake up!”

I opened my eyes, my vision blurry. I realized that I was lying down on the ground, with multiple silhouettes of people hovering over me.

I waited until my vision started to get clearer before I took in my surroundings. I finally remembered where I was.

“What happened?” I croaked. I looked up and saw Niall looking down at me with fear in his eyes.

“You…you passed out. I thought you…” Tears built up in his eyes.

“It’s okay, Niall. I’m okay,” I said, trying to calm him down. I tried to get up and two pairs of arms instantly appeared and helped me into a sitting position.

“Um, can we go home?” I asked. I suddenly remembered the flashback that I just had. The memory that I just got back.

It gave me a whole new perspective of Niall. I now had a better picture of how much loved and cared for me.

But I was still scared. I was scared of what my true feelings of Niall are.

I have to talk to him about us because I need to figure out my feelings for him and for Harry.

I have to figure out who my heart belongs to.




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