Gotta Be You

I know how they both feel and now all that’s left to do is to find out how I feel.

And right now, my heart is stuck in the middle of a tug-o-war. Niall pulling hard on one side and Harry pulling just as hard on the other.


14. Good News and Bad News

~Present time~


Harry’s POV


“That was one of the best nights of my life,” I said, still holding onto Isla’s hand. It really was. I haven’t forgotten that day; it’s been forever in my memory, remembering every second of it. And I will never forget it.

I had been by her bedside for about an hour when I heard a knock on the door. I turned my head around and saw Liam, Zayn, Lou, El, Perrie and Danielle through the window. I gestured for them to come in. Liam opened the door and they entered the room.

“Hey, Haz, how are you?” Liam asked me. He walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m alright,” I said. But I really wasn’t. Liam nodded and looked at me with an expression that showed me he understood what I meant.

“How long have you been here, mate?” Zayn asked me, sitting down on the couch, Perrie sitting beside him.

“For about an hour,” I replied, “I couldn’t sleep so I decided to come here.”

“Where’s Niall?” Lou asked, looking around and outside the window.

“He went home to take a shower and eat, he was here all night,” I said.

“I’m here now.”

We all turned our heads towards the door and saw Niall leaning against the doorframe. Everyone moved away so that Niall had a good view of Isla.

I saw his eyes look at me for a second and then down at my hand, which was still attached to Isla’s. I quickly pulled away and stood up. He looked up at me again with an expressionless face but you could see that he was tired.

“Thank you,” he said, “for staying with her.”

I was shocked at what he said that I didn’t know what to say.

“I wouldn’t have wanted her to wake up with no one here,” he said and he gave me a small smile but it quickly faded.

I cleared my throat and nodded, “no worries.”

Then an awkward silence fell between all of us but we were saved when a nurse came in.

“Sorry guys, but only 2 visitors at a time,” she said, “actually all of you need to leave the room. The doctor will be in shortly and we are going to try and pull her out of the coma.”

“Really?” El asked, anxiously, “will it work?”

“It depends, it might, it might not, it’s different for everyone but we are going to try as hard as we can,” the nurse said reassuringly, “but if you all could kindly wait outside, the doctor will be here soon. We will let you know right away if anything happens.” She smiled at all of us and gestured at the doorway.

Every one started exiting through the door but I quickly faced Isla and put my hand on top of hers for a second and looked at her face, “please wake up, Isla.” With that, I let go of her hand and headed for the door.

Niall walked up to Isla and gave her a small kiss on her forehead and whispered something to her that I couldn’t hear. I exited the room and sat down on the chair beside Lou and he put his arm around my shoulder.

Niall walked out of the room just when the doctor showed up and went inside. Another nurse went in and closed the door behind her. Then we saw the blinds close, blocking our view of the inside of the room.

Now we wait.

Niall stood in front of the door, occasionally pacing back and forth. Every one else was sitting down, patiently waiting for the doctor to come out, hopefully with good news.

I really hope she wakes up. I hate seeing her like this; she doesn’t deserve this. From the moment I met her, I thought that she was one of the most amazing people I had ever met. She doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her right now.

I rested my head on my hands and closed my eyes. Once I closed them, my thoughts brought me to a certain memory of me and Isla.




There was a thunderstorm and the power went off so me and Isla were stuck inside my flat for our date.

We lit candles around the room and we were on the couch listening to music on my iPhone, which I thankfully charged before the power went off.

Isla was lying down with her head on my lap as I braided her hair.

"Harry, I'm bored," she whined, crossing her arms and pouting like a little kid.

I laughed and carefully placed the braid I was doing behind her ear.

"Well, what can we do? There's not a lot to do with no power in the house and it's pouring rain outside," I stated, raising my eyebrows at her.

She pouted again as she was trying to think about something to do.

"I don't know, but people survived a long time before there was electricity so we can probably think of something to do," she said.

I chuckled then said," ok, well, you think of something and I'll just sit here and play with your hair again."

She sighed as I grabbed some of her hair and started braiding again.

"Ooh, I know! Let's have a staring contest!" she exclaimed. She quickly sat up, yanking her hair out of my hands and faced me cross-legged on the couch.

"O...k," I said, startled at her sudden burst of excitement. I then faced her also crossing my legs on the couch. We were now face-to-face.

"Ok, so the rules are: no blinking, talking, smiling, laughing, making funny faces, blowing into the other persons face, or trying to make the other person laugh or blink, things like that, ok?" she told me quickly.

I looked at her confusedly, trying to remember all of the rules. But oh well, I was still going to win.

I nodded and put on a serious face; that alone already made her almost laugh. But she contained her laughter.

"And the winner gets to dare the other person to do anything. Ok.....go," she said and stared at me with a blank face.

I'm so gonna win.

We were staring at each other for minute. But looking into her beautiful, green eyes for so long made me want to do something. It made me want to kiss her.

If I kiss her though, I’d lose the game. But I’d rather kiss her.

Before I could stop myself, I leaned forward and placed my lips on hers.

She was frozen at first but then she started kissing me back as I put one hand on her leg and the other one on the back of her neck, pulling her closer.

She put both of her hands on the sides of my head, pulling me closer.

The kiss got deeper, my tongue entering her mouth. Our lips moving against each others in a perfect rhythm. She lightly bit my lower lip and then I pulled back a bit and started kissing her on her jawline and then down her neck.

I moved my hand higher up her leg and she moaned.

I was getting lost in the moment and I was about to lay her down on the couch when she stopped the kiss.

I opened my eyes slowly just as Isla was opening hers. They were full of lust but it slowly went away. I frowned a bit, both of us still breathing heavily.

She probably sensed that I was upset that she stopped the kiss so she smiled at me and gave me several pecks on the lips.

My frown quickly turned into a smile and I straightened up while grabbing her hands. She gave me one last peck before leaning back too.

"Was kissing the other person against the rules?" I whispered, smirking.

"Yes, so I win," she replied, smiling.

"Aw, fine," I said, "so, what's your dare?"

"Hmmm," she said, tapping my finger on her chin, thinking.

"I dare you to take me on the most romantic date ever," she said, smiling and looking into my eyes.

"I accept your dare," I said, smiling too.

She let go of my hands and we moved so she was cuddled up beside me in my arms. But she turned her head so she could look at me.

"What would you have dared me if you won?" she asked, curiously.

"I would have dared you to....let me take you on the most romantic date ever."

I felt butterflies in my stomach as we stared at each other. We stared at each other for a while. Silence around us.

But in my head, realization hit me.

I was falling for her.


~End of flashback~


That memory sent happiness and sadness at the same time. More happiness but I knew that I would never experience that again. I could only have her in my life as a friend, if she ever forgives me.

I still had my eyes closed, thinking about her. Half an hour passed before I heard the door open and I looked up to see the doctor coming out of the door and closing it before I could take a peek inside.

Everyone stood up and stood around the doctor.

“Okay, so I have very good news and some bad news,” he said, looking around us, “which would you like first?”

“Good news, please,” El said for us.

“Alright, good news is, we were able to wake her up,” he said, smiling at us.

Every one was happy, the girls all hugged each other, me, Lou and Zayn hugged, as Liam and Niall hugged each other. I couldn’t help myself as tears of joy built up in my eyes. I looked around and Niall and El were tearing up too but with smiles on their faces.

“And the bad news?” Lou said, as we all calmed down. I had forgotten that there was bad news once we found out that she woke up. We all looked up at the doctor and waited for him to tell us.

“Bad news is, she’s lost what seems to be about a year of her memory, she doesn’t remember anything that’s happened recently and the last thing she recalls is something she said happened in October last year,” he told us.

We all looked at each other but then we looked at Niall. He looked heartbroken. Every one knew that him and Isla had only gotten together about 3 months ago. Does that mean that she won’t remember that she’s with Niall?

I saw him swallow deeply and say, “will she be able to remember?”

“Definitely,” he said, “if she encounters something that connects with something that happened in that time period, she could remember. She could remember certain things spontaneously, without being triggered but there are definitely things that she and you guys can do to help her remember.”

Niall smiled but once again, it quickly faded. He was probably hoping that she would remember.

“Can we see her?” El asked.

“Yes, the nurses are just doing some last tests and then two of you at a time can see her, just don’t overwhelm her, she still remembers you guys so she’ll be fine. Just take it easy on her.”

We all nodded.

“Actually, she asked me if she could see someone first,” he said, looking down at the clipboard he was holding, “her boyfriend.”

We all looked at Niall and saw him smile. She remembers him! That’s great.

He said, “she wants to see...” He continued to look at his clipboard when he finally said:

"Harry Styles.”




Hope you like this part, sorry if you're team Niall and are probably hating me for this part right now :P but i promise there will be some Niall moments soon :)

There are A LOT of you on team Niall even though i've been writing about Harry :P haha

So let me know what you think :)

And i'm still looking for someone to make me a trailer for this story and i'll use you for one of the two other stories that i have an idea for and you can choose whether it's Louis, Liam or Zayn :) lemme know

Tanks guys :) <3

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