Gotta Be You

I know how they both feel and now all that’s left to do is to find out how I feel.

And right now, my heart is stuck in the middle of a tug-o-war. Niall pulling hard on one side and Harry pulling just as hard on the other.


7. Breaking My Heart


Niall’s POV


I was talking to Liam when I noticed that Isla wasn’t back yet from getting more food and drinks.

I turned my head towards the back doors that shows the kitchen but I didn’t see her. I decided to check up on her so I excused myself and went inside the house.

“Isla!” I said loudly, looking around the living room and kitchen. She wasn’t there.

I went upstairs and checked in the bathroom, no one was in there.

I noticed our bedroom door was closed and we always leave it open when no one’s in there so I knew she was there.

I started to open the door and said, “Hey, Isla, what are--WHAT THE HELL?!”

When I opened the door fully, I saw Isla and Harry kissing. It felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. I just looked between each of them as they quickly pulled away.

I saw Isla’s eyes fill with tears and she looked shocked. How could she do this to me? I thought she loved me. And with one of my best friends, Harry? Her ex??

I couldn’t handle this. I turned around and slammed the door. I sprinted down the stairs three at a time and headed towards the front door. I need to get out of here.

I heard her come out of the room and calling me and saying that she needed to explain but I didn’t want to listen to her.

I was hurt and humiliated. I felt her grab my arm but I pulled it away. I heard everyone else come in.

“Niall! Please, let me explain,” I heard her say behind me, and then she started to cry.

For a second, I felt like turning about and hugging her and comfort her, I didn’t like seeing her cry but she hurt me, more than she knows.

“I don’t want to listen to you right now,” I said.

I didn’t want to deal with this right now so I opened the door and slammed it before walking out. I walked to the sidewalk and didn’t care where I was headed. I just started walking to who-knows-where.

The whole time I was thinking about what happened. But every time, it just hurt me even more. I stopped at a park and just sat on one of the benches. I put my elbows on my knees and buried my face in my hands and closed my eyes.

I realized that I was at the park half an hour away and knew that no one would find me here.

I felt my phone vibrate and saw that Liam was trying to call me. I ignored it and turned off my phone.

I just sat there, trying to think about nothing when it started to get chilly so I decided to go home.

I looked at the clock on the post by the picnic tables and saw that it was 2 in the morning. It had been almost two hours since I left the house.

Hopefully when I get home Isla will be asleep and I can sleep in the guest room without having to talk to her. But knowing her, she’s probably waiting for me.

I decided it’d be safe to turn on my phone and once I did, it was bombarded with a dozen texts from the boys. The texts kept coming until it stopped at a text from Liam. And what I read from the text made me fall to my knees:

Isla got in a car accident! She’s in the hospital! I’m waiting at your house so we can go there!

How could this happen? A couple of hours ago she was safe in our house. Why would she go out and drive when she was upset? Why didn’t they stop her? A million questions and thoughts came to my head but I quickly put them away to the back of my head and got up and started running back to my place.

Once I got there, I saw Liam sitting on the front step. Once he saw me he got up with a worried look on his face.

“What happened?!” was the first thing I said to him, grabbing his shoulders, partly to get him to answer me but also for support since I was still in shock about the news.

“I’ll explain in the car, let’s go!” he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards his car. We got in and he drove to the hospital.




Liam had told me what the police and the hospital had told them and the whole time he was talking, I stayed silent. When Liam had told me that she was in a coma, I swear, a part of me died. I am going to do anything in my power to wake her up. I will spend every second of my life with her until she wakes up. She’s my everything.

I wanted to be angry at him about letting Isla drive when she was upset but I couldn’t blame him, it’s not his fault. I know Liam, I know that he tried to stop her but her stubbornness won and he couldn’t do anything about it.

We had finally arrived at the hospital and we ran inside.

“Dani said they’re on the second floor” Liam said, heading towards the elevator.

We got to the second floor and found them down the hallway.

We reached them and they were all looking at me but I quickly walked up to the window of Isla’s room and saw her.

She was being tended to by a nurse and she had bandages on her head and all over her arms. She had a cast on her right hand and I saw multiple bruises and scratches all over her body. And she had several tubes attached to her. But the worst part of it was seeing her closed eyes. I just wanted them to open and look at me.

Tears started welling up in my eyes as I looked at her frail body. I just wanted to be beside her and hold her. I wanted to make her feel better. I didn’t want her to be in any pain.

This was my fault. If I had just let her explain then she wouldn't be here. And now she’s in a coma and we don’t know when she could wake up.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the cold window, putting one of my hands on the glass for support.

I heard the door open and I quickly looked up to see the nurse who was looking after her come out.

“I’ve finished changing her bandages so you can go in and visit her but only 2 at a time and only one of you can stay overnight,” she said politely to all of us before walking away.

I looked back at Isla and heard the others talking about who would go in first. They decided that Lou and El would go first, followed by Liam and Dani and then Zayn and Perrie. Harry would go by himself after and then I would be last and would stay with her overnight.

I sat down on one of the chairs as I waited for my turn, giving them privacy. Part of me wanted to just go in there and kick them all out so I could be with her but the other half of me wanted to stay in this chair, not wanting to see her injuries up close, to see her closed eyes and not knowing when they’re going to open again.

I just wanted to see her awake and smiling at me and I know that everything will be okay but right now, it isn’t.

As they took turns, they said goodbye to me and left and said that they’d be back tomorrow.

Soon it was Harry’s turn and I was patiently waiting for him to finish.

I was angry with Harry for what he’d done but he was good friends with Isla and I had to respect that and let him see her. A part of me didn’t want to let him see her but I had to respect their friendship.

Soon, Harry came out and quietly closed the door and looked hesitantly at me.

I stood up and started heading towards the door.

“I’m sorry for what I did, Niall, I--“

“I don’t want to hear it right now, okay?” I said, interrupting him, “I just want to see her right now.” I raised my eyebrows at him, waiting for him to step away from the door. A few seconds later, he nodded and stepped aside.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, mate,” he said.

I stopped with my hand on the doorknob, not looking at him. I just nodded and opened the door before walking in the room.

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