Gotta Be You

I know how they both feel and now all that’s left to do is to find out how I feel.

And right now, my heart is stuck in the middle of a tug-o-war. Niall pulling hard on one side and Harry pulling just as hard on the other.


2. And the winners are...


Me and Niall shook hands with Lou and El and took a step back.

“In 3…2…1…Go!” Harry said. Niall took a step forward and I quickly tried to push El off of Lou but Lou had taken a step back. They were good. It went on for about 5 minutes until I could see Lou about to sneeze and I took that opportunity to knock El off. She screamed as she fell back off of Lou’s shoulders and into the water.

“Yeahhh buddy!” I heard Niall from under me. I laughed as I pumped my fists in the air in triumph.

El had come up from the water and started teasing Lou, “who’s idea was it to play this game again?” smirking at Lou.

“Ha ha, very funny, but I needed to sneeze. They cheated!” Lou said, pointing to us, “Hazza, they cheated right?” He then proceeded to pout and put on puppy dog eyes.

“There’s no rule against people needing to sneeze so I’ll have to say no. Sorry, Boo Bear,” Harry said, shrugging.

Louis slumped his shoulders and went over to the others.

“Who are our next victims?” Niall said, laughing evilly. Zayn and Perrie were next and in less than a minute we had won. Poor Zayn, he was still getting over his fear of water and he was too scared to move too much so I was easily able to push Perrie off.

Our last match was against Liam and Danielle and I was scared because Danielle looked really strong. And I could tell that Niall was starting to get tired but I just kept reminding him about our own secret deal and he pushed through it.

The match had been going on for about 5 minutes until I, miraculously, got a good hold of Danielle’s arms and Niall stepped forward and the momentum was able to make Danielle lean back and fall.

“Oh my god, we won, Niall!” I said, I hopped off of Niall’s shoulders and hugged him. We were cheering and laughing and then turned to the others.

“What should we make them do, Isla?” Niall said, pretending to think and putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Hmmm, how about we give them makeovers, take pictures of them and tweet it for the whole world to see,” I smiled at my idea.

All of their mouths dropped, and Zayn’s face was hilarious once I said ‘makeovers’.

“Ahh, too bad I couldn’t participate,” Harry said sarcastically, shaking his head, “I would’ve loved a makeover.”

I laughed and looked at Louis. “Come over here and I’ll give you a makeover,” he said to Harry.

Louis started chasing Harry around the pool. I looked at Zayn and he was pretending to cry on Perrie’s shoulder.

This was going to be fun.




I stepped back and took a look at the makeovers we just gave to the others excluding Harry, who was still laughing from behind us, which made Louis give him constant, dirty looks.

“Stop laughing at me, Hazza!” Louis said, pouting and crossing his arms.

Niall had agreed to let me do the girls and he did the boys.

For all of the girls, I had given them crazy hairstyles and even crazier makeup. I dressed El in one of my grandma’s wool sweaters and my Elmo pajama pants. For Dani, I gave her my mom’s prom dress, which was bright yellow and poufy. And for Perrie, I gave her knee-high striped socks, my little sister’s tutu and a shirt with a unicorn and a rainbow on it. Perfect.

Niall had given the boys hairdos too but we had agreed to not touch Zayn’s hair as it looked like he was gonna cry when Niall came close to him with hair gel. Because of that, we gave him the most ridiculous outfit ever. It consisted of cowboy boots, bright pink astronauts pants and a flowy shirt with butterflies on it. For Liam, Niall dressed him up in polka dot boxers and a large sparkly, purple shirt. And for Louis, he was dressed in my old pumpkin costume.

“Our work is done,” Niall said, after adding the final touches to Louis’ hair. They all looked at each other and started laughing. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and took a picture.

“I definitely got the best makeover,” Liam said, gesturing at his outfit.

“No, I did!” Dani said, spinning around and letting the dress spin out.

“If only this was a carrot costume,” Louis said, shaking his head.

“Okay, the girls first, I need to take a picture,” I said. El, Dani and Perrie stood beside each other and struck poses. I posted it on twitter with the caption: “Even with a makeover from me @EleanorCalder @DaniellePeazer and Perrie still look beautiful, love you girls <3”.

“Okay, now the lads,” Niall said, taking out his phone. He took a picture and then started clicking things on his phone.

I got a notification that Niall had tweeted, I opened twitter and Niall said: “Never mess with #TeamNisla @Louis_Tomlinson @ZaynMalik and @Real_Liam_Payne! xx”

And soon enough #TeamNisla was a trending topic.

“Now all of you together, you too Harry,” I said. I took a picture and posted it on twitter with the caption: “They’re a beautiful bunch aren’t they? :)”

Everyone then checked their phone and laughed. I check my twitter and looked at their tweets.

@Harry_Styles: “Can’t believe I missed out on those makeovers! Maybe next time @IslaAbbott93 and @NiallOfficial ;)”

Liam had taken a picture of him and Dani together and tweeted it: “The best me and @DaniellePeazer have ever looked ;) thanks #teamnisla.”

Louis had also taken a picture with El and tweeted: “New fashion trend? I think so. I’ll get you back @NiallOfficial and @IslaAbbott93”

Perrie had taken a picture of her and Zayn and he put it up on his twitter with the caption: “Never again. That was torture. Thanks tho for not touching my hair. @Louis_Tomlinson, count me in ;)”

I looked around at my friends and smiled seeing them all laughing. I had the best friends ever and the most amazing boyfriend. I grabbed Niall’s hand and smiled at him. He put his arms around me and kissed my forehead and I hugged him around his waist.

Soon, everyone had to leave and it was just Niall and I. We decided to watch a movie so we cuddled on the couch and watched. I was so tired from today that I fell asleep halfway through the movie.

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