This a poetry about memories and how they are integral part of your life.



Not so easy to get rid of them,

They cling so tight and fast,

Just when you think its over,

They come back strong and vast.  


They especially thrive on clutter,

Stringing one thing to another,

Some look nice and friendly,

You think they are your brother.  


Don't ever get taken in by them,

Avoid them, I warn you, take care,

You will hardly ever get to know,

How you  walked into the snare.  


I  have a cobwebbed attic,

A place I just don't like,

I fear the darkness in there,

I hate the grime and strife.  


The cobwebs there are many,

Running from years gone by,

I work hard to move ahead,

And get back after every try.  


These cobwebs of my memories,

Threads that bind me to my past,   

It is difficult to get rid of them,

Till the breath in me will last.  

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