Lowe finds love

Kate Lowe is a 17 year old girl from New York who's living the life, but when her mom gets a job offer in Cheshire, England everything changes. She meets Harry Styles and everything changes again.


1. Kate, we're moving.

“Did you see him!! He was all over you!!” Sasha screamed in my face and her blond curls tickled my cheeks. I started to laugh. She was right, he was all over me. We were walking trough Central Park with our vanilla lattes from Starbucks and we meet John Robinson from school. He was trying to flirt with me, but it was just sad. “Hahaha, sorry Sasha I think I have to go.” “Haha, okay but remember our essay due tomorrow!!” Her voice was fading away while I was walking towards the Metro.

I was sitting on the subway towards brooklyn and me and my moms apartment.

STUPID KEY!! I was locked out... again. I really need to get a new key. I texted my mom and she texted back that she will be home in like an hour. I leaned against the door and slided down. The creepy old man next door came out and sat down outside his door and started to talk to me. Great!

“Kate!! Honey!” I heard my mother yelling at me in the staircase and interrupting our creepy neighbor’s speach about how cats need more respect. My mom and I was pushing each other inside while cracking up. We fell on the floor and couldn’t get up until we stopped laughing. Then we ordered pizza and watched Americas Next Top Model. Mom turned to me with her big brown eyes and I knew it was something serious.


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