I Should've Kissed You.

*One Direction FanFic*
In life you have your ups and downs but after having so many downs and everything finally becoming good, can all those downs come right back?


1. New Beginnings.

(In The POV Of Harry) “Harry! Time to get up hunny! First day of school, you don’t wanna be late!” I heard my mum call from downstairs. I fluttered my eyes open and stared round my dark room. I pulled the duvet off me and forced myself off the bed and over to the window. I swept the curtains open and was blinded by the light. I blinked a few times to adjust my eyes

 to the bright light then looked around outside. Some young kids were running around in their school uniforms, kicking a football while waiting for their bus to come. I ran my hand through my curls and picked up my t-shirt that I had thrown on the floor during the night. I pulled it over my head and started walking down stairs to get breakfast.  My mum smiled at me as soon as I entered the kitchen “You excited?” I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed the coco pops and milk. “I guess” I said and poured the cereal.  “That’s it? ‘I Guess’?” My mum repeated and raised her eyebrows. “Ok fine, Can’t wait! Will change my life forever..!” I said sarcastically and dug into my cereal. She laughed and kissed my forehead. “I’m off to work now son. Have fun and meet new friends!” She smiled, picked up her keys and headed out the door. I sat for a minute thinking about the last thing she had said. New Friends. I snapped out of my thoughts and started eating again. Soon I was done and I headed back up to my room to get dressed. I opened up the wardrobe slowly to be hit with the sight of Oakgrove’s hideous school uniform. I made a disgusted face and started putting it on slowly. When it was on I walked into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. “Absolute MESS.” I groaned and walked back into my room. I picked up my school bag and headed back down stairs and out the front door. The kids from earlier had all gone, since their school starts an hour before mine. I stood at the bus stop and one by one more and more people wearing the same uniform as me started to appear. I would get the occasional stare from some people. I am the new kid after all. The bus pulled up and everyone started pushing to get the backseats first. I actually ended being up the last on the bus and with EVERYONES eyes on me as I stepped on. I grabbed the closest seat and sat down and stuck my headphones in to try block out the conversations about the ‘Curly Haired Kid’ and to try distract myself from looking around at all the stares.  …. I looked out the window as we pulled into the school’s parking lot and I put my bag on my shoulder and stood up. People were already rushing for the door and I let everyone pass me and went out last. I stopped and took in the view infront of me as I got off the bus. The school looked HUGE and actually.. very scary. I took a deep breath in and started walking. As I entered the school I reached into my blazer pocket and took out the map of the school. My gaze fell on one sentence. “All year 12’s must be seated in the canteen in the morning.” I looked up and into a large room full of people chatting and throwing pieces of paper and bagels across the room. I took another deep breath in and pulled the door open. As I walked in people’s gazes landed on me and I could hear people whispering about me instantly. I sat down at a free table and looked around the room.  There was a noise from beside me and I turned my head around. A boy sat down on one of the seats. “Hey there.” he smiled. He had blonde hair and an amazing Irish accent which I couldn’t help but smile at. “Hey, I’m Harry” “I’m Niall. You’re new, yeah?” He asked. I nodded “Yeah. Unfortunately.” He laughed and patted me on the shoulder. “Come sit with me and the fellas!” He grinned and nodded in the opposite direction. I turned my head and seen three other boys smiling towards me. I smiled at Niall and we both stood up and headed for the table. I took a seat beside a brunette guy wearing stripes and braces. “Boys, this is Harry! Think we could take him under our wing?” Grinned Niall and sat down beside me. They laughed and nodded. “Yeah, think he’d be a good addition to our clan!” said the boy beside me. I looked at him and smiled “Oh by the way, I’m Louis. Thats Zayn and that’s Liam” Added Louis and pointed at the other two.  “Zayn! I need your help!” said a girl. I looked up behind Zayn as he turned around and gave the girl a kiss. “Gem, you always need help! Maths? History?” Zayn grinned. She whispered something in his ear and he smiled and rolled his eyes. “Ok lads, I’ll see you all later!” and he got up and left. “Who was that?” I asked the rest. “Oh that’s Zayn’s girlfriend, Gem Louise. And that ‘help’ she needed, is actually just so she can get Zayn round the back of the school and make out.. You know?” laughed Liam and folded his arms across his arms. I was about to reply when I noticed everyone in the room suddenly get more tense and some people reach up and button up their shirts. I turned round slowly and seen a big man walk into the room. “Year 12’s! What are you all still doing here?! Its-” He paused and looked down at his watch -“9:05am! GET TO CLASS!” He roared. Everyone started fumbling around and running for the exit of the canteen. When we were safely away from the man I turned to Louis who was walking me to the school office. “Who was that guy?” “That’s our year head, Mr O’Neil. Don’t get on the wrong side of him whatever you do! He’ll rip you to shreds.” He grinned. I swallowed hard and looked at the ground. Suddenly I felt Louis’ arm stop me and I looked up “Heres the office. Just tell them who you are and they’ll sort you out with a timetable and stuff. Gotta go now, see you at lunch!” He smiled and walked off. I could tell that I was gonna hit it off instantly with Louis. I walked up to the office. “Hello. How can I help you?” Said a small jolly woman. I smiled at her “I’m the new student. Harry Styles. A.. friend.. told me that I could get my timetable here?” I asked.  “Oh yes yes!” Said the woman. She started opening drawers and flipping through different sheets of paper. “Ah ha! Found it..” She said with a smile and walked over to me. She handed me my timetable “Your first class is geography with Miss Sloane in room 48. Go straight down that hall and up the stairs. First door on your right.” She smiled. I thanked her and started walking down the corridor that she told me about. I had my head buried in timetable, looking at all the lessons that I had when I bumped into someone. I heard the crash of books on the ground “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking! Sorry!” I said fast and bent down to pick up the books. “Uh, um, it’s ok..” muttered someone. I looked up into the eyes of a GORGEOUS girl. I felt my heart starting to beat fast and I could tell that my mouth was hanging open. I closed it quick and handed the girl her books. “Hi..” I breathed out. “Um, hey..” said the girl quietly and put a strand of her hair behind her ear. “-I’m sorry, i’m late for class so I better get going..” added the girl fast and rushed past me. I stared after her until she disappeared around the corner. I started walking up the stairs and ended up outside a door. I looked at the door’s number. 48. I looked through the small window. The class was full and everyone had their heads buried in their books, writing. I took my third deep breath of the day and pushed the door open. The eyes turned to me again I put my head down and walked over to the teacher’s desk. “Ah, i’m guessing that you’re Mr Styles?” She smiled. I nodded and gave half a smile. “You can have the seat beside Liam” She pointed. Liam? Could that be.. I turned around and seen a familiar face looking at me with a grin on his face. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to his desk. “Hey!” He whispered. I sat my bag on the desk and started unloading my pencil case and sat on the seat. A HUGEE book was sat down on the table and I looked up to see Miss Sloane smiling a cheeky grin at me. “I know its big, but thats just the way it is!”. I moved my gaze back down to the book and sighed. Half of the lesson was already gone and the rest of it flew by. After Geography I had Maths, Science, French, English and Music which I really enjoyed! I was in music class with Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis which was great! “Ok so common! Lunch time” Grinned Niall. “Best time of the WHOLE day!” He laughed and we all walked out of the music class room and into the canteen. “Ah boys look! Becca!” said Niall dreamily. “Who?” I asked looking around the canteen as I picked up my food. “Shes one of the HOTTEST girls in the school!” grinned Niall. “AND shes MINE!” he added. I smiled and nodded. “Oh so how many of you have girlfriends?” I asked. “Me, Zayn and Liam.” said Niall as we sat down at a free table.  Just then I seen the girl from earlier walk by and I froze… ♥
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