Head Over Heels

Parker James is a freshman year old college-drop out. She dropped out when she was convinced she could make it in the big world, so she dropped out and hitch-hiked her way to L.A.

Harry Styles is a famous member of the boy band One Direction who was head over heels for some freshman college-drop out until....

All of this definetelt fiction, nothing is true in this story except for some little things, but i'll leave author notes at the end of most of the. chapters an inform you guys of that stuff:) happy reading!!


5. When In LA...

Parkers POV: As we drive into the neighborhood i see one house in particular, its not really fancy so i assume its a guest house or something. Its yellow with white sideing and bunches of colorful plants in the front yard. It has two little pink flamingos in the yard also.It looks like the cutest house ever!! "Harry, who lives there?" i say pointing to the house. "We do". We. Did he just say we. I think he saw my confused look and said "We, as in the boys. But they shouldnt be here, their l visiton their families while I'm finishing school" "Ohhh, i see" i say "What?" he asks while we get out of the car "You don't want to include me in your "1D Family" i say while we walk through the door of the main house with our bags. "GET A ROOM LOUIS!" harry screams at Louis playfully while he pulls away from Eleanor for air. "What? Are you just jealous you dont have an amazing and beautiful girlfriend like me?" he snaps back sassily "Hi" I say leaning out from behind Harry, man is he tall compared to me. "Well, nevermind, i stand corrected" he said coming to shake my hand "Hello, Im Louis Tomlison, nice to meet Harry's girlfriend, what might your name be?" he asks "Parker James, and we're not-" "Yep, met week ago at school. We are VERY happy" he says "I'll clue you in later" he whispers to me "Well, we'll just have the guest house, were gonna go unpack" he tells them "Yeah, El and I are going to go out to eat, well see you guys later!" "I dont see how this "guest house" is any smaller than the main one!" i say "Yeah, they're about the same size" "I GET THIS ROOM! I CALL IT!" I yell "No, no, no, no, no!! This is my room!" he says "Not anymore now is it?" i say chucking "Fight for it?" "Well i grew up with six brothers so im thinking you might lose, but fine!" i say lunging towards him. I jump on him and he pins me to the bed, we end up looking into eachothers eyes "You have pretty eyes" he whispers "Why thank you" i whisper back "I think I'm in love with your hair" "Then i'll have to shave it off" he says "Why?" "So you'll fall in love with me instead" this is the best thing anyone has ever told me. I brings me to tears and i start crying, i jump up and run out of the house and jump in his still running car and drive off. He reminds me to much of Niall. Too much of Niall. So much to bring back the memories. They start to flood my brain. I start bawling and realize what Im doing and head back to the house. I lock the car and run inside to Harry's arms "Im sorry. You just remind me of my old boyfriend, he was so good to me, he was the one for me but then he left to be on some singing competition. He told me he was cheating on me with this slut named Jordan. He had made my heart whole again after my dad left. But once he left, my heart was only one peice, but when you said that...my heart was whole again." i said "Do you wanna go cuddle and watch some movies?" he asked me "You know me so well" whispered into his chest. I spent the rest of the day in the arms of the best boy in the world.
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