Head Over Heels

Parker James is a freshman year old college-drop out. She dropped out when she was convinced she could make it in the big world, so she dropped out and hitch-hiked her way to L.A.

Harry Styles is a famous member of the boy band One Direction who was head over heels for some freshman college-drop out until....

All of this definetelt fiction, nothing is true in this story except for some little things, but i'll leave author notes at the end of most of the. chapters an inform you guys of that stuff:) happy reading!!


2. It Factor

The first day of college had arrived and i was headed off to my first class, chemistry. When i got there, there was shockingly only 7 people in my class other than me. As i looked around wondering where to sit, i saw a group of people huddeling around something, i just ignored it and sat down.

~class over~

I didnt have any other classes until 2 so i had about 4 hours of free time. So i found myself a little bench near the big fountain in the middle of campus, and took out my guitar and just started strumming. I found myself writing down random lyrics and cords that seemed to go together pretty well, i was starting to get lost in time...until I heard a bunch of screaming girls chasing someone. I couldnt see what was happening until the person being chased got closer and closer. I got up to see what was happening. I heard something behind me so i turned around, before i knew it i was being tackled and in a bush with someone i didnt even know. I look behin me to find, the one, the only, Harry Styles. I was going to start yelling at him for tackeling me into a bush, but I was hushed by his hand covering my mouth. Wow. I had just been shushed. By Harry Styles. HARRYS POV: i heard the screaming fans sprint past us, once i thought the coast was clear i crawled out of the bush. "I am terribly sorry! I didnt see you standing there!" i said quick to apologise "Its fine, dont worry about it, I shouldve been paying attention.." she said quietly not making eye contact. I noticed her guitar, "Do you play?" i asked looking into her beautiful blue eyes "Some..." she said
"I see you sing also?" i ask noticing her song book also "Not as well as you" she said looking up at me. Gosh she was gorgeous. "I'll be the judge of that" i say sitting down on a bench. I patted ghe seat next to me, she sat down with her guitar "Dont laugh, ok? I know you're used to great sounding voices, being in a overly popular boy band" she said seriously "I promise i wont" i said. She started singing "Five Minutes Til Midnight" by Boys Like Girls "You know wanna just let go, its time to roll down the windows!! Screamin OH OH OHHH!! Got all we need so here we goooo, TURN IT UPPPP!! Its five minutes til midnight, youre comin home with me tonight!!..." she sang until the second verse. Her voice was so clear. You could understand her perfectly, yet she sang with an edge, she had the it factor to make it in the big world. "You have exactly what it takes to make it, ya know?" i say "Hah, yeah right! Me being famous?!? Its against my mothers many laws for life" she says whilst rolling her eyes "I could drive you up to LA one weekend and let you stay in my beach house" i say "Sounds fun, but like i said, my mom would go nuts if i lived in your beach house instead of going to college and getting a diploma, end of discusion" she said sounding very mother like. Before i could blink we were in my car headed to LA.
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