Head Over Heels

Parker James is a freshman year old college-drop out. She dropped out when she was convinced she could make it in the big world, so she dropped out and hitch-hiked her way to L.A.

Harry Styles is a famous member of the boy band One Direction who was head over heels for some freshman college-drop out until....

All of this definetelt fiction, nothing is true in this story except for some little things, but i'll leave author notes at the end of most of the. chapters an inform you guys of that stuff:) happy reading!!


7. Harry's Suprise

Harry's POV: The next morning I woke up and went into the kitchen to start cooking breakfast for Parker and I. As i finished breakfast i went into Parker's room to wake her up. I ony found a note. 


Dear Harry the Douche,                                                                                                                                          

       I can call you that right? Well I'm calling you that from now on. So I heard you and Louis' little late night chat last night, do you really think you could've gotten away with having a girlfriend and me not knowing??? Well if you did, you were wrong. Better yet! Me finding out you had a girlfriend and her being the one my ex cheated on me with! I should've just left. I shouldn't of even left this note. But anyway, after Louis went back to the house I packed my things and went to get Eleanor, she took me to the airport. So right about now (if it's around 10 am) I am on my way to a secret location. Somewhere where you will never find me, somewhere where I can cry in peace.


P.S. I slit your tires. All four.

 Harry's POV: Great, i thought to myself. I ran to the main house and found Eleanor. "El! Where is she?! Tell me, please. I need to make this all okay." I said "Harry, get a hold of yourself, you screwed up and you blew your chance, she's gone." she replied. 

I got in Louis' car and drove, well recklessly drove to the airport. I asked the travel agent if there was any record of Parker Troff buying a ticket, she found one backed up to one bought under Katerine Troff and the plane was headed to Mullinger. I was deeply confused, she couldn't know Niall, right?

Parker's POV: As soon as I had landed I grabbed a cab and headed off to Maricio's, a favorite of Niall's and mine when we were, well nevermind. I knew he would be there. 

As i walked in I saw him, he looked almost the exact same. He saw me then automatically realizing it was me, he ran to me. He grabbed me by the hand and lead me outside. I knew what he was already going to say. "Parker, we need to talk. I have some deep apologizing for the things I did to you, I should have never listened to that Jordan girl, management-" he said "I know. Harry is dating her" I interupted.

Niall's POV: How did she know. I could tell she was about to cry her eyes out I flagged down a cab and she got in and I ran in to pay for my meal. We were off to her favorite store all throughout Ireland, Exploding Fairy Dust, weird name I know but all of the clothes in there fit her personality so well once she would walk in she would forget about all of her problems and just take it all in. I would always get her birthday gifts, Christmas presents, just little I Love You doo-daas, anything for any occasion in there for her. 

Once we got there her eyes lit up. So i started talking "Tell me what all happened, about how you met Harry, college, anything." I said, as we got out of the cab "Well it was my first day of school after my chemistry class and i went to play guitar ny the fountain when i turned around and before i could take a breath, BOOM! Harry Styles is tackeling me into a bush. You see, fans were chasing him and he needed a hiding spot and he tackled me into a bush. Then he heard me play, then persuaded me to go with him to live with him in his beachouse in L.A. so I could audition for some record labels. Well while I was there we cuddled and watched movies and were almost practically a couple theni found out he had a girlfriend so i let and flew here because i knew we never officially said goodbye and i only feel comfortable talking to you about all this." she said.

Harry's POV: "Sir! I NEED that ticket, do you know who I am?" wow i sounded so snottty. "No, and i would preferably not know you" he rudely stated "Please, its for getting to see someone I love" i said "Well, I'm gonna regret this but here, good luck boy" he said with a change of heart. Yes. This is my second chance. I sent Niall a text wondering if he knew a Parker Troff. I had no idea what was in store for me.



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