Head Over Heels

Parker James is a freshman year old college-drop out. She dropped out when she was convinced she could make it in the big world, so she dropped out and hitch-hiked her way to L.A.

Harry Styles is a famous member of the boy band One Direction who was head over heels for some freshman college-drop out until....

All of this definetelt fiction, nothing is true in this story except for some little things, but i'll leave author notes at the end of most of the. chapters an inform you guys of that stuff:) happy reading!!


1. Freshman Year Has Arrived

As my mother and I drove to Texas University my mind began to fill with thoughts, i was wondering if Harry Styles was going to be going there also, I had heard he was thinking about going there but nothing had been confirmed. As if on que, One Thing started playing on the radio. I started to turn it up but of course, my to-busy-to-even-talk-to-me mother turned it down then pointed to her phone and mouthed the words "Important buisness call". And the best thing is, it was raining outside! I hate rain. I much rather prefer sunshine. My father once told me "The reason why the sun is up when you wake up is because it cant wait to see you". I eventually learned that wasnt true but i like to think that way sometimes. I decided to put my headphones in and fall asleep, its gonna be a long ride.

~Four Hours Later~

"Hi I'm Katie! I'll be your roomate this year!" my roomate said, she was obviously very excited.
"Hey, I'm Parker and this is my mom, Katherine" i said pointig to my mom she silently waved and them pointed to her phone and whispered "I'll be in the hallway" "Ok! I hope you dont mind but i collect rubber ducks. And is it ok with you if i put them all around our room?" she asked "Ummm, suree" i say kind of creeped out. This was going to be a longgg year.
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