As If By Chance

Saffron is an ordianary girl. She has a chance meeting with celebrity heart throb, Niall Horan. But will they ever become more than aquiantances?


4. The House Call

“Saffron, wait!” I heard Niall cry. But I didn’t. I ran past the staring waiters who were darting questioning looks at me and locked myself in the toilet. This was a disaster. How could things get any worse?

I heard someone knock gently on the door.

“Saff, it’s okay. You don’t have to talk about it.” I heard Liam say. I smiled slightly but shook my head. I couldn’t face them. It was too horrible. Then I heard muttering and knew they were discussing what to do.

“And Saffron, he was wrong. Everything he said was a lie.” Niall muttered just so I could hear. I wiped my eyes, looking in the mirror. I looked a mess. My mascara was fine but my eyes were bloodshot, my hair was everywhere and my cheek was turning redder by the second. I sighed unhappily and unlocked the door. They were all there, waiting for me to come out. I looked at the floor.

“He didn’t think so.” I replied, feeling a single teardrop fall.

“Group hug.” I heard Louis and Zayn yell at the same time. I was crushed in between all of the One Direction boys as they hugged each other, grinning. It did make me smile. When they all let go, I took a deep shaky breath.

“I’m really sorry about ... well you know.” I told them, wiping my eyes again. They all looked at me sympathetically and I knew instantly that they didn’t mind. I was still surprised they’d jumped up to defence me.

“So ... pizza anyone?” I asked, breaking the silence. They all grinned and we walked back to the table, Niall staying close. I could tell he was desperate to ask me about Daniel but he held it in. I made a silent memo to thank him properly later.

We ordered pizzas and laughed pretty much the rest of the time. I was kind of sad when we had to say goodbye because I’d really enjoyed myself. Then they all reminded me that I’d see them tomorrow and I smiled happily. They were all so nice.

Niall offered to walk me home and I knew he was going to ask me about Daniel. We walked down the main road in silence until Niall coughed.

“So ... about earlier. Who was that guy?” He asked, checking for a reaction, just in case I was about to explode on him. I just smiled sadly at him, not minding that tears were building their way up.

“You remember what my mum said earlier right?” He shook his head, confused. “She said “Well, I like this one”. She meant she didn’t like Daniel.” Niall’s eyes widened and I think he understood. He stopped walking abruptly, taking hold of my hands.

“You dated that ... that thing?” He asked, horrified. I nodded, shrugging.

“I guess my judgement was a little off. He cheated on me and when I told him I knew, we argued and he told me exactly what he thought. That I was useless, worthless, ugly, stupid. That no one sane would ever-”

“Stop it.” Niall snapped. At first I was confused and then I realised it wasn’t me he was mad at. It was Daniel. “Just stop. You’re none of those things. I know you aren’t and I don’t care what he thinks. You’re brilliant and ... beautiful.” I blushed hard. He thought I was beautiful? He squeezed my hands then let go and carried on walking. Did he know I thought he was the most incredible guy I’d ever met? I didn’t think so but I couldn’t bring myself to say it to him.

“Are you okay now?” He asked after a while. We’d now come off the main road. Niall looked over at me, taking a look at my cheek. It didn’t hurt unless I prodded at it. I smiled; happy he wanted me to be okay.

“Yeah, I’m better now.” I replied, gazing into his eyes. I couldn’t think of anything else more incredible than him. “So, do you really talk about me?” It was his turn to blush. I’ll take that as a yes then, I thought to myself.

“Well, I might have mentioned you every so often ...” I smiled to myself. Every so often was good enough for me. I found myself noticing that he was still a couple of inches taller than me, even though I was in heels.

We reached my gate and Niall looked a little disappointed. I smiled at him and stood on my tip toes.

“Thank you so much for everything.” I whispered and kissed him on the cheek. I found myself blushing scarlet and saw he was too. Squeezing his hand one last time, I retreated to the house, looking back to memorise the beautiful moment.

I came into the kitchen where mum was drinking coffee.

“My god, what happened?” She cried when she looked at my face. I dropped onto one of the seats. Nadia came in, hearing my mum, and looked at me, shocked.

“Daniel happened.” I replied grimly. That’s how I felt too. Grim. Although, Niall had made things so much better. Nadia’s fists clenched and my mum let out a tiny gasp. I managed a weak smile but I’m sure it wasn’t very convincing.

“That little-” Nadia said something really, really rude next but I decided not to write it down.

“Nadia Lawrence! Language!” Mum cried. “But I agree.” We all burst into laughter. Mum went over to the sink and got out a packet of frozen peas, placing it on my cheek.

“That should make it feel a little better but you might get a bruise.” She threw Nadia a look and nodded. “Tell us everything.” And I did. I told them everything. The way I felt about Niall, how I’d felt about each individual One Direction boy and how Daniel had made an utter fool of me.

Later on I texted Elsie the whole thing:

Oh hon, that little cow.

How dare he? I will personally

Hire an assassin, okay? Ex

I smiled, laughing to myself before replying:

Ikr :D Too late, I called

Hours ago. Sx

I knew that would make Elsie laugh. I felt my phone vibrate and found that Niall was texting me. I hugged my phone to my chest. I really wished he was here with me.

You doing okay? I can’t sleep

Without knowing your fine. Nx

I felt my heart skip two beats. He was so brilliant. I swear I actually loved him. I replied quickly so I wouldn’t keep him up.



Well, you can sleep now because

I’m fine. Thnx for inviting me and being

So sweet :D Wish you were here. Sx

It took me a while to figure out whether to send it or not but I accidently slipped my finger onto the ‘send’ button before I could stop myself.

“Crap.” I muttered crossly to myself. I was such an idiot sometimes. Elsie texted back.

LOL!!!!! Ex

I smiled. Lying back, I felt my cheek. It now had a bruise the size of my fist on it. Fortunately, with a bit of foundation it would be barely visible. Niall texted back and I checked it, excitedly.

Really? Nx

What do you think? I thought to myself. I loved that he was still insecure. It meant he was cocky even though he was famous. It meant that maybe I had a chance.

Yeah, I miss you. Sx

He texted back in an instant.

Look out your window. Nx

I climbed out of bed, pulling back my pink ‘hello kitty’ curtains that I’d since I was six. Sure enough, Niall was sitting in the hammock in my back garden. He waved and I could vaguely see him doing something on his phone. He was calling me! I picked up.

“Hey, beautiful.” He grinned. I opened the window with my free hand and leaned out, smiling. Niall got up from the hammock, sliding a hand through his hair nervously.

“Hey, Niall.” I basically whispered into the phone.

“I’m coming up, okay?” What? Was he insane? He hung up as I started to protest. I could tell he was going to hurt himself. I watched in horror as Niall started to climb the tree, getting closer and closer to my window. Just as I thought he was going to make it, he slipped.

“Niall!” I almost yelled. Somehow, he hung on upside down. “Oh dear lord.” I found myself muttering. He was insane. Niall grinned at me and somehow managed to get back up and hop into my room, rather gracefully. I shoved him playfully.

“You scared me half to death, you idiot.” I muttered as he stepped closer, laughing at my ‘hello kitty’ pyjamas. He shrugged, grinning broadly. Niall wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in. Just as I was grabbing hold of his hoodie in an attempt to stay standing, Nadia opened the door.

“Oh, you owe me big time.” She chuckled when she saw us, tangled in each other’s arms. Niall blushed heavily and let go.  I rolled my eyes, grabbed my purse and chucked her a ten pound note.

“Promise you’ll keep mum and dad out? And that you won’t tell them?” I pleaded, doing my best puppy eyes. Nadia grinned widely, clearly enjoying blackmailing me.

“I think another five pounds should seal the deal.” She replied and I chucked it at her. She shut the door, promising mum and dad would stay downstairs for at least another ten minutes. As soon as she was gone, I felt Niall wrap his arms around me again. I grinned, laughing.

“I am so sorry about her.” I murmured into his chest. I felt him tangle a hand in my hair, lifting my head up. His eyes were shining beautifully in the dim light of my lamp. I lifted my hand and stroked some of his hair away from his face.

“Totally okay.” He replied almost silently. I desperately wanted to kiss him right then. It would have been the perfect moment except I could bring myself to do it. I was too scared. What if he didn’t like me in, you know, that way. Of course, it seemed like he did but I couldn’t know for sure. It turned out; I didn’t have to kiss him as he bent his head a slowly leant in, our faces inching nearer and nearer. The door burst open.

“I’m sorry to burst your bubble but mum and dad are coming up those stairs in like ...”Nadia cried trailing off because Dad could immediately be heard thudding up the stairs. I grabbed Niall by his wrists and shoved him behind the door. Dad reached the top of the stairs. We smiled angelically.

“What’s going on?” He asked suspiciously.

“Nothing, daddy.” Nadia and I said simultaneously. I could have sworn I heard Niall suppress laughter. Dad gave us one odd look and retreated into the bathroom. I looked behind the door.

“Niall, you have to leave.” He nodded, gave me a quick on armed hug and made for the window. Mum started to come up the stairs. “Quickly!” I whispered, wishing with all my heart that he could stay. He practically stumbled onto the branch, almost falling off as mum reached the landing. I pulled my curtains together.

“Hey mum.” I called, smiling. She gave me the same odd look dad had and walked into the bedroom. Rude, I thought even though I wasn’t a bit angry. Nadia and I sighed in relief. Thank God, I said to myself. When I was sure mum and dad were in their bedroom I looked out the curtains. Niall was waiting patiently by the hammock. I smiled as he looked up and waved. I waved back. He pointed to his phone and I checked mine.

I’ll see you tomorrow, beautiful.

Miss you already :D Nx

I almost screamed just because I was so happy.

Sweet dreams, Niall <3

I fell into a long awaited and needed sleep. My dreams were full of beautiful “Niall and me” scenarios. Each one was brilliant.


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