As If By Chance

Saffron is an ordianary girl. She has a chance meeting with celebrity heart throb, Niall Horan. But will they ever become more than aquiantances?


2. The call

No way!” Elsie screamed on the other side of the phone. “He asked for your number?” I had called her after work so I could give her the full details without Rachel staring us down. She had squealed down the phone for at least ten minutes.

“Yeah, I was so shocked!” I replied, sighing happily at the memory. It all seemed so surreal. Things like this weren’t supposed to happen to people like me. I was supposed to be invisible to gorgeous, popular boys like Niall. Of course, that wasn’t why I liked him. He was always so sweet and sensitive. Why weren’t other boys like him?

“When do you think he’ll call?” I asked after awhile. That was the question that had been going through my mind since he spoke those very words. And he’s said “see you soon”. When was soon? Was it today? Tomorrow? Next week? I didn’t have a clue. It was driving me insane.

“I don’t know.” She told me finally, after a long pause. “But I’m sure it will be soon.” But when was soon? Why did everything end in soon? They never said when or at what time. Just soon.

“I hope so. Well, I gotta go. Bye!” I replied, getting ready to hang up. Elsie sang a small goodbye and then we ended our call. I flopped back onto my bed, daydreaming about my brilliant chance meeting. Niall had asked for my number! And he remembered me! It couldn’t have been more brilliant if I’d wished it up. Except, I wished I’d been wearing much nicer clothes.

The next day at school, I met Elsie at the gates. I was tired as I’d spent a lot of the night thinking of Niall and imagining how the call would go. Elsie’s beautiful brown hair that was cut prettily at her chin was resting just over two large green eyes. I wished I looked like her all the time. It was so unfair!

“So, Saff. Did he call?” She asked excitedly. I shook my head glumly, wishing he had. Elsie smiled sweetly at me, putting a hand around my shoulder and walking into school.

“Give him time, sweetie. He said he’d call so he’ll call.” She told me and we readied ourselves for another boring day at school.

I had English last period and absently doodled on the notebook I had taken out for notes. Our teacher, Mr Dawson, wasn’t exactly inspiring. In fact, he was incredibly boring. He made a beautiful story like Withering Heights sound like an awful soap on TV.

I looked down at the page of my notebook and realised what I’d been doodling. Around the page was love hearts and in a neat scrawl I had written:

Saffron Horan


 Niall loves Saffron

I blushed heavily, tearing the page from my notebook and stuffing it in my bag. Talk about embarrassing! I was obsessed! With great reluctance and difficulty, I turned my attention back to Mr Dawson and concentrated on what I’d write for my essay.

Elsie and I met outside the gates again after school. I pulled out my phone, checking it. Niall hadn’t called. I knew he wouldn’t call so soon but I wished he would. I wanted to hear his sweet, kind voice. I wanted to talk to him and find out what I’d missed. I wanted to know him better. But he hadn’t called.

“You working today?” Elsie asked. I smiled; happy Friday was my day off. I knew she wished I was though. You could tell by the way her big eyes got even wider.

“Sorry, Else. You know I don’t work on Fridays.”I replied, slinging my bag over my shoulder. We hugged each other and parted ways.

As I was walking home, I noticed Katy McGrath behind me. She was pale, blonde and skinny. Katy McGrath was the popular girl. The kind of girl who looked me up and down and decided I was no good. You’re good enough for Niall, my brain whispered defensively. I attempted to pick up the pace a little but she must have noticed as she joined me at my side.

“Hey Saffron. How are you?” She asked in a fake voice. Katy thought if she was nice to everyone they’d like her but people knew whenever their back was turned she was whispering a load of crap about them.

“Not bad. You?” I replied, trying to keep the conversation simple. I didn’t want to go into a D(eep) M(eaningful) C(onversation) about my feelings right then. She smiled and I got a view of layers and layer of lip gloss. She clearly didn’t understand the meaning of subtlety. Katy liked to be “expressive”. If you could even call it that.

“I just broke up with Ned, my boyfriend. But I’ll get over it.” Katy replied, with a spring in her step. I didn’t doubt she would. She’d only started dating Ned because he lied about being a spoilt rich kid. The hot topic of last week was that she’d found out and dumped him. She was nothing but a user.

“Oh well, I’m really sor-”My ringtone went off. I dug around in my bag and produced my blackberry. Looking at the caller ID quickly, I realised it had been blocked. Brilliant, it was some stupid prank.

“Hello?” I began. The connection was clearly quite bad as there was a lot of rustling about in the back ground.

“Hey, Saffron Lawrence. It’s Niall.” My head started spinning. He called back?! I could barely believe my ears.

“Niall, hey.” I replied, trying to sound casual. I failed, obviously. “How are you?” I asked, trying to get my head around the fact he’d called straight away. What did that mean? And why did he always call me Saffron Lawrence. Saff was just fine.

“I’m good. I was just calling to ... well ... I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over and meet the guys later on. I kind of mentioned you and they told me they wanted to meet you.” He took a breath. “It’s okay if you don’t want to. You don’t have to come. No pressure, you know-”

“Niall, I’d really like that.” I told him, smiling to myself. “What time do you want me over?” At this point, I was buzzing with excitement. He’d mentioned me? I didn’t care that I was meeting One Direction. Niall had asked me round! That was all I could think of.

“How does 7 sound?” he asked. “You know where I live, right?” It was so cute how he sounded so anxious. Again, I just wanted to give him a hug.

“7 sounds great. Yeah, I know where you live. See you there then?” I knew my voice sounded way too hopeful but it was as if I could feel him smiling on the other end of the phone. I could feel my heart racing.

“Yeah, see you soon, Saffron.” He replied before hanging up. There it was again. See you soon. I was now okay with him saying it because soon happened to be the next day. Then I realised Katy had heard the whole thing.

“Was that ... Niall Horan?” She asked suspiciously. Crap, I thought. She was going to move on from Ned really fast if she knew he was home. What if she stole him from me? He was never really yours, I reminded myself.

“Uh ... no. No, it was someone else called Niall.” I replied but as soon as the words left my lips, even I knew they were fake. Katy’s grin spread widely and turned into a genuine smile. But it looked slightly evil to me.

“You’re still in touch with Niall. And you’re seeing him. Tonight!” She stated them as facts, getting more excited with each sentence. “Ask if I can come!” What?! No! I smiled, pretending I really wanted her there.

“Awh Katy, I would but I don’t have his number.” I replied, acting kind of down. It was the truth though. He’d blocked it for some reason. Katy smiled a sickening smile.

“That’s okay. I can turn up with you.”


“Great. See you outside your house at six thirty.” She rushed off down another street. Oh no! My whole night with Niall would be ruined ... or not. She’d keep the others occupied so I could spend more time with Niall. Or she could steal him from me. I had no idea how this was going to go.

At six twenty five, I was ready. I had put on a white and lacy strapless summer dress and matching ballet pumps. My older sister, Marina, who was back from university for a while, had curled my hair and given me a touch of very natural make up. I looked ... beautiful ... even if I did say so myself. I didn’t really look like me anymore. I wasn’t the nerd. I was pretty.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it to find Katy McGrath dressed in a black playsuit with gold buttons placed on the shoulder pads with matching, tall black heels. I slapped on a smile.

“Katy, hey!” I cried sweetly, hugging her. Mum came out of the kitchen, twirling her car keys around on her finger.

“You girls ready?” She asked happily. I’d told her I was going round to a friend’s house. A boy’s house. For some reason that made her very happy. It was weird. We nodded and got into the car.

As we passed different streets, I grew increasingly anxious. Niall would be really confused if Katy turned up with me and what if the other guys didn’t like me. Would that put him off? So many thoughts crowded into my brain that I could barely concentrate. Finally, mum pulled up in front of his house. We said quick, embarrassing goodbyes and Katy and I got out of the car.

Katy led me up the path, her heels clicking loudly. I didn’t know how Niall would react to Katy being there with me but I decided to wait and see. She knocked on the door with a perfectly manicured hand and Niall’s mum, Maura, opened the door. She looked Katy up and down in a disgusted manner.

“Hello, Mrs Horan.” I called out cheerfully, stepping out from behind Katy. She grinned broadly at the sight of me. “Niall invited ... us over.” Maura nodded kindly and led us into the lounge where Niall and the rest of One Direction were sitting in the lounge, laughing. Katy let out a screech of joy and practically jumped into Zayn’s lap. Niall gave me a sideways glance and burst out laughing. I went and sat next to him.

“I’m so sorry!” I whispered as we watched Katy throw herself at Harry. “She was there when you called me and decided to invite herself along.” Niall smiled at me encouragingly and took hold of my hand. I thought my head my explode. Louis wolf whistled at us from his arm chair and I felt my face darken red.

“Ignore them.” Niall whispered back when he saw me hiding my face. I gazed into his eyes, smiling slightly. Why was he so perfect? When I managed to drag my gaze away, Katy was literally on top of poor Zayn. Niall and I were in fits of laughter.

I took my phone out of my tiny clutch bag, realising Elsie had texted at least twice.

Hey Saff,

Work is as boring as hell.

Niall called you yet? Ex

I scrolled down and looked at the other texts. They were pretty much the same. I replied quickly.

Hey Else,

Shame x Rachel behaving herself ;) ?

As a matter of fact, he did!

I’ll call you later with the deets :D Sx

 Suddenly, I noticed Niall reading over my shoulder and shoved him playfully. He raised an eyebrow.

“I’m a pretty hot topic, huh?” He grinned sliding the phone out my hand. I wanted to stop him but couldn’t even seem to move my eyes from his beautiful face. Then I realised he was giving me his number! He handed the phone back.

“Thanks.” I muttered, blushing like hell. I didn’t understand how he could make me feel this way. I was totally under his spell. I heard my phone vibrate but decided to ignore it and enjoy sitting her with my long term crush.

That night had been perfect. Before leaving, Niall and I had sat under the stars for at least an hour, talking about likes and dislikes. Then we’d gone back inside to find the rest of them playing truth or dare. Katy had somehow managed to get a kiss off of all of them except Niall, who refused to play, winking at me. They’d then played would you rather and Niall and I had joined in. It was rather eventful and Katy managed to get all of their numbers somehow, even Niall’s. I’d left after with Katy, wishing the night lasted forever.

“Oh my god, you lucky thing.” Elsie sighed, clearly trying to imagine herself there. It had been so perfect. I texted Niall quickly:

Hey Niall,

Had a gr8 time tonite :D

Thnx for inviting me. Sx

“I know! Oh Else, you should have been there. I thought I was going to die from happiness.” I breathed out, feeling like I was on Cloud 9. My phone vibrated. Niall had texted back:

Yeah, me too.

We should do it again sometime :D

You free anytime soon? Nx

My heart lit up like a dark room on fire. My brain screamed at me happily.

“Saff, he obviously likes you!” She squealed and I could hear her rolling restlessly around on her bed. I smiled to myself, thinking how lucky I really was.

“You really think so?” I asked as I typed back:


Definitely, it was really fun :D

Yeah, I’m free this weekend,

Monday nights and Fridays nights :-) Sx

“I know so!” Elsie giggled. “Alright, I gotta crash. Bye, Saff.” I said my goodbyes and hung up. Life couldn’t get any better. My phone vibrated in my hand:

Glad you enjoyed yourself,

Miss Saffron Lawrence ;) My mates

Having a party on Sunday night this week :D

Wanna join me? Nx

Yes, yes, yes! My brain screamed. But I knew I had to be subtler than that. So I typed out the best reply I could think of when my heart was beating ten times its normal rate.

Yeah, I’d like that :D Thnx

What kind of party exactly?

And what time do you wanna meet? Sx

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