As If By Chance

Saffron is an ordianary girl. She has a chance meeting with celebrity heart throb, Niall Horan. But will they ever become more than aquiantances?


3. Pizza Express

I woke up on the Sunday to the TV being turned up rather loudly.

“Nadia! Turn the TV down!” I cried at the top of my voice. No reply. Typical Nadia. I dragged myself from my bed, not bothering to change out of my pink ‘hello kitty’ pyjamas. Thundering down the stairs, I got a waft of bacon. Mum was obviously making her traditional English breakfast. Too bad so she couldn’t cook...

“Nadia, turn the TV off!” I screamed over the noise. She obviously still couldn’t hear me, or she was ignoring me. I walked sleepily into the kitchen and plonked myself down on one of the chairs.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Mum shouted over the noise. I smiled and nicked a bit of bacon, chewing on it.

“Morning, Mum.” I replied, having to raise my voice much more than I wanted to. Mum smiled and put some more pieces of bacon onto my plate, stuffing a knife and fork into my hands. Next she scooped some slightly odd looking fried eggs in front of me. I poured some orange juice to distract myself from gagging.

“Looks great.” I yelled and Mum’s smile got wider. I gulped and shovelled down some pieces of burnt bacon with my orange juice. Nadia turned the TV up even louder. I smashed my cup down onto the table and stormed into the lounge.

“NADIA TURN THE TV OFF!” I screamed. She simply looked at me with a bored expression on her face then looked away before turning it up again. Cow, I thought angrily. I sulked back into the kitchen and, just before I could sit down, the doorbell went.

“Would you get that for me, dear?” Mum shouted. I rolled my eyes playfully and dragged myself towards the door. The doorbell rang again. I opened.

“Alright, stop with the ring-” Oh god. I shut my mouth. Niall was standing on my doorstep. “Niall ... hi. What are you doing here?”I asked shakily and a large grin plastered on his face. His bright blue eyes were playful.

“I wanted to see you.” Mutual blush. I came to my senses and realised Nadia had turned the music up even louder than before. I groaned and looked to the living room.

“NADIA, TURN THE MUSIC DOWN. NOW!” I yelled, hoping she would hear. Niall grinned widely. He was enjoying this? This was so embarrassing! I wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up by the ground. Why did he have to be so perfect?

“You wanted to see me?” I asked loudly and nervously. Niall blushed deeply and nodded shyly. My heart was seriously about to explode. I wanted to throw my arms around him and never let go. He drove me crazy! He leant forward all of a sudden to whisper in my ear. The heat was radiating off his skin and onto mine.

“Plus, the boys want to properly meet you. They were upset I hogged you so much last night.” I could feel his breath hot on my neck, causing my skin to prickle (totally in a good way though). He smiled shyly.

“So, do you wanna meet them properly?” My heart was beating ten times the normal rate. I could barely keep up with what he was saying. He hadn’t moved back yet. I grabbed his arm so I wouldn’t stumble into his arms – no matter how much I wanted to – and grinned back.

“Let me just ask my mum.” I replied quickly and retreated, breathing out happily. Nadia approached from the lounge, the music still blaring. Her eyes were wide and one perfect eye brow was up.

“That’s not Niall Horan, is it?” I nodded enthusiastically. “How did you pull that off, little sis?” Ignoring the last comment, I shrugged, grinning, and went in the kitchen to ask mum. She was chomping down on her vile breakfast, pretending to be really enjoying it as soon as I came in.

“Hey mum, I’m going to head out, okay?” She nodded, munching down on the bacon, trying not to look absolutely disgusted. I grinned and was about to walk out of the room when mum shouted:

“Saffron? You’re in your pyjamas!” She cried. I blushed heavily and joined Niall at the door. He smiled a dazzling grin. I returned a slightly more nervous version of it.

“I need to get changed. Do you want to come inside?” I shouted over the music, vowing to kill Nadia when I got back. He grinned wider and nodded. I led him into the kitchen. Mum dropped her fork, her mouth forming an ‘O’. She shot me a questioning look and I shrugged happily.

“Wait here.” I whispered and Niall sat down and began to discuss things with my mother. I rushed up stairs. What was I going to wear? I had nothing and barely any time. I didn’t want him to think I was vain by spending too much time getting ready.

I pulled out some light blue, high waisted shorts (as it was quite warm outside) and a pink, and lacy floral top. I quickly brushed my hair and put on some mascara, carefully so I wouldn’t mess it up. I quickly looked desperately around for some shoes, preferably flats but couldn’t seem to find anything.

“How about these?”I heard Nadia ask from my doorway. She was holding up a beautiful pair of pink wedges, practically the same colour as my top. I squealed happily.

“Yes, they’re perfect!” Nadia grinned and held them out to me. I strapped them on quickly and experimented walking around in them. They weren’t too high so I’d be okay. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be taller than Niall in these. How embarrassing would that be?

“Get going, girl. He won’t wait forever.” She joked, grinning. I returned a big smile, grabbed my bag with my purse and other make-up must haves in and made my way down stairs. When I entered the kitchen, I found Niall eating my mum’s cooking. I stared at him horrified.

“Niall? What are you doing?” I asked, disgusted and slightly impressed. Niall gave me a cocky grin and finished the rest of his meal. I felt like being sick just watching him.

“Thanks, Mrs Lawrence. It was really nice.” He told my mum. For a moment I thought he was joking but when I caught a glimpse of his face, I realised he was being genuine. Oh dear lord, he really could eat anything. Especially if he could managed to digest my mother’s breakfast.

Well,” Mum cried happily. “I like this one.” Niall blushed, grinning. I rolled my eyes. When she said “this one”, she meant she hadn’t likes me previous boyfriend, Daniel. He wasn’t very pleasant around my parents and ended up cheating on me. I’d found out, we rowed and he’d basically told me I was worthless and no one sane would ever date me ever again. Not that Niall and I were dating.

Mum!” I moaned. She was so embarrassing. I grabbed Niall’s arm muttering “Let’s go.” I waved to my mum and practically dragged Niall out of the house before anyone else from my family decided to be annoying or incredibly embarrassing.

As we were walking along the road I turned to Niall.

“I can’t believe you actually ate my mum’s cooking.” I giggled. Niall rolled his eyes at me playfully. “No, I mean it. Why did you do it?”He shrugged, grinning widely. Totally out of the blue, he took hold of my hand gently. It sent a chain of shivers up my arm, my hand tingling under his touch.

“Saffron, I like you. If I like you, I can’t be rude to your parents. So when she asked if I wanted some breakfast, I couldn’t say no.” Niall smiled. When he said like, did he mean like like or just like? I couldn’t figure it out. Why did I have to read into things so much? I had to just relax and enjoy the way Niall was holding my hand. I was just about to when words rung in my head: you’re worthless. Who would want you? They’d have to be insane to ever take you out. Did you think this was something special? I could feel myself mentally pulling away for a second.

“Well ... I like you too. That was really sweet. Thanks.” I replied and I meant it. Except I wasn’t sure what I was saying by “I like you”. Niall squeezed my hand, smiling. I couldn’t help but sigh happily.

“So, where exactly are we going?” I asked after awhile. He gave me a cheeky sideways glance, winking at me. God, he was incredible. I just wished he wasn’t quite so out of my league. We turned onto the main road.

“The boys are waiting for us at Pizza Express.” I laughed, letting him pull me closer and wrap his arm around my waist. It made my heart leap. I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect. I wanted to freeze this moment forever.

We entered Pizza Express and joined Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn at the table. They all stopped chatting and were – not very subtly- checking me out. Niall pulled out the chair for me, mocking a bow. I grinned and sat down in between him and Zayn. I noticed they were far better looking up close than on camera which seemed impossible. But Niall was the best looking by far. He was so cute and had the most beautiful blue eyes that could make any girl melt. All the other boys were dark haired and seemed to be wearing very similar things.

“So,” Harry began. “You’re the famous Saffron.” He nodded approvingly, giving me an up and down look. I managed a smile even though the comment kind of aggravated me. I wasn’t sure why. How was I famous? Did that mean Niall talked about me lots?

“We’ve heard lots about you.” Liam remarked, grinning. He seemed sweet but far more sensible. I smiled back, this time it was genuine. Quickly glancing back at Niall, I noticed he was blushing. He was too cute.

“Oh really?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at Niall who blushed further. “Things like what?” I was really interested in what he’d said. I hadn’t even realised he’d talked about me at all. Everything seemed to be so perfect. Until we heard the bells on the door go. I looked around and there, standing at the door, was my ex.

“Shit.” I muttered. He sauntered over, a menacing grin plastered on his face. I rose from my chair and stopped him going any further.

“What are you doing here?” He asked cruelly. “With them?” He added, shooting an unimpressed look at One Direction. I felt my fists balling, anger rising in my throat. Who did this guy think he was? I had to fight every muscle in my body to stop me from punching him.

“What do you care?” I snapped, prodding him hard in the chest. Daniel let out a sharp laugh before grabbing my arm in a tight grip. I heard someone pull up from their chair. Daniel threw them a threatening look before his gaze settled onto me again.

“Oh, I care because you aren’t worth the trouble.” He looked around the table. “You hear that? This girl is a worthless piece of shit.”

“Niall, no!” I heard Harry shout and there was a lot of fuss behind me. I yanked my arm out of his grip before stepping closer, showing I wasn’t afraid.

“Go. To. Hell.” I told him before backing away. His eyes narrowed. Was this some kind of game to him? Did he think he owned me? If so, he was truly more stupid than I’d ever imagined.

“Oh, so you do know how to stand up for yourself.” He chuckled, but there was no trace of friendliness there. My jaw clenched and I felt like kicking him where it hurt. I didn’t though. I noticed the waiters looking over at us, clearly not sure whether to come to my aid or not.

“You think you own me, don’t you? Well get a clue, Daniel. We’re over. We have been for three months. So what’s your deal?” I hissed, trying to lower my voice, but it kept coming out in high pitched squeaks. Daniel’s eyes narrowed and before I knew what was happening something sharp connected with my cheek, sending me stumbling back into Niall. This time Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn got out of their seats. I felt Niall’s grip tighten around me. To be honest, I was glad. I’d have been on the floor crying if it weren’t for him.

“Back off.” Louis hissed. Daniel raised an eyebrow. I knew what he was thinking: “oh look! The pretty boy band kids are gonna beat me up”. I felt sick. My cheek was throbbing insanely. I let Niall keep me up but there was nothing to stop the tears sliding down my face, ruining my makeup.

“Make me.” Daniel laughed. I needed to stop them so I stood up, getting away from Niall’s grip. I couldn’t even look at him. I knew my eyes were wide with fear. What if they started fighting?

“Guys, no. He isn’t worth it.”I pleaded. They all looked at me and I shook my head. I couldn’t bear for them to start fighting. “Daniel, leave or I’ll call the police.” I snapped, taking my phone from my bag. He could see I was deadly serious. The boys backed off but refused to sit down until he left. Shooting one more look of evils, Daniel stormed out of Pizza Express. I wiped my cheeks, noticing my mascara hadn’t run. They all stared at me.

“Who in the world was that?” I heard someone ask, but I was already running.



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