<3 falling for a nobody <3


2. 'thanks'


‘That’s nice’ I said sarcastically. ‘Wait’ Luke looked at me, his eyes wide. ‘You don’t know who I am?’ I shook my head. ‘No. Should I?’ He shrugged as if that answered my question. ‘Well, anyway. It was lovely meeting you Luke’ I sneered at him. ‘Now would you please move out of my way. I’m late’. Luke continued to stand in the middle of the path. ‘Who are you meeting?’ ‘My friends. And you’re making me later than I should be. Now move it. Please’. ‘Why are you meeting your friends? Can’t you talk to them at school?’ ‘My my, you’re full of questions today; aren’t you?’ I laughed. ‘It’s private. Ok?’ I spun on my heel and began to walk away. ‘You’re so damn rude’ I heard Luke mutter. I stopped and slowly turned back around. ‘Excuse me?’ my voice was low. Luke looked startled. He clearly didn’t think I heard. ‘…N….Nothing…’ ‘Listen. I’m from the de la Haye family; I can do anything I want. Anything’. ‘You’re so rude’ Luke stared at me while I cocked one eyebrow; waiting for him to carry on. ‘You and your friends are the most superficial girls I have ever met. You only care about who’s got the cutest boyfriend, who’s got the newest designer handbag, who’s got the most money and who looked the prettiest. You only care about yourself. You know what me and my friends call you?’ ‘What?’ I tapped my red-soled Louboutin against the sandy path; waiting for him to carry on. Luke’s grin grew. ‘We call you bitches. You and your friends are straight up bitches’. The comment stung. ‘Funny, I thought it was a trick question. I assumed you didn’t have any friends’. Luke’s mouth dropped open in surprise. I walked over to him and stood close. I gently placed my finger on his jaw and pushed it back up so his mouth was closed again. ‘Ta ta Luke. Have a nice day’ I whispered, while looking into his eyes. I noticed that his eyes were the most amazing colours: chocolate brown with specks of gold and green mixed. I dropped my hand and turned to walk off. I walked for about 10 steps and looked back over my shoulder. Luke was still standing there, watching me. I decided to have a little fun. I coyly lifted my hand and waved at him and winked before swinging my head back around and carrying on my way. ‘You’re late’ Grace said accusingly at me as I sat down on one of the chairs in Starbucks, carefully placing my bag on the floor. ‘I know, some idiot held me up’ I said, rolling my eyes. Grace and Sally nodded understandingly. We were the three most beautiful girls in the entire school. Grace with her short black hair and bright green eyes; Sally with her shoulder-length chestnut hair and hazel eyes; and me with long dark blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. ‘So, what did you want to talk about?’ Sally asked me. ‘Well, I was thinking of having a house-party soon-’ I was interrupted by a course of ‘good ideas’ and ‘hell yeahs’. ‘Nice, we haven’t had a party in absolute ages’ Grace agreed, her green eyes lighting up. ‘Exactly. Plus, my parents are away taking my brother on holiday and Gerard, the butler, won’t do anything if I forewarn him. He’ll keep an eye on things anyway’. ‘Who are we going to invite then?’ Sally asked. ‘No one ugly though; we can’t have ugly people at our parties. They’ll ruin the photos!’ She sniffed as Grace and I burst into fits of laughter. I sipped my Skinny Latte thoughtfully, a list of pretty people already running through my head. ‘I’ll figure it out guys’ I replied. I looked at the time on my watch. ‘Shit! We need to get back to school – only 8 minutes until next lesson’. ‘I’m staying here, I have a free period next’ Grace told me, smiling. ‘As do I. Later Celi’ Sally called after me as I rushed out of Starbucks, my handbag hitting my hip as I walked as quickly as I could on 4 inch heels. ‘Shit shit shit’ I moaned as I dodged people milling about in the centre of the pavements. Couldn’t they move to the damn side instead of standing in people’s ways? I checked my phone again, this time to see that I only had 6 minutes to get back to Penola. And to get back to Penola, it took about 10 minutes. And that was by vehicle. I got to the main road and picked up my pace, wobbling slightly on my heels. Girls weren’t allowed to wear such shoes, but as I’m from the de la Haye family; I was slipped the  uniform regulations. The faculty allowed me to do most things but they didn’t like  me  being late for lessons. I kind of understood that as they were allowing to me to get away with murder; I should at least obey one rule. Penola was immensely strict on tardiness anyway. ‘Shit, I muttered as I saw that I only had 2 minutes to get to class. And I was still about 15 minutes away from school. My Head of Year would kill me if I was late again, as I was on my ‘last shot’ before I got a week’s worth of detention. And I could not be seen sitting in the detention room for god’s sake, along with a bunch of idiots. I heard a car draw up alongside me and I instinctively moved inwards. I picked up my pace slightly and refused to look at the car, despite my curiosity. ‘Hey. Come here’ the voice was soft. I shook my head, still refusing to look. ‘Hey, Celine, come here’ they repeated. How the hell did they know who I was? ‘Celine, you’re late to class, I’ll give you a lift to school if you want’. I slowed slightly as I recognized the gentle voice. ‘You don’t want to be late again, you do?’ This time, I stopped completely and turned to face the car. The window was down yet I couldn’t see the driver. ‘What are you waiting for?’ ‘I don’t get rides with strangers. Thank you very much’. I said haughtily. ‘Stranger?’ The diver gave a chuckle. ‘You know me’. This caught me by surprise. ‘No I don’t’ I said, somewhat unconvincingly. Yet I knew I recognized the voice from somewhere, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. ‘Yes you do, Celine.’ The driver poked his head out and relief rushed through me. It wasn’t some creepy man trying to abduct me. I walked closer to the car. ‘Get in’ the driver said softly and I obeyed. I slipped into the plush leather seat and put on my seatbelt. ‘Late again are we?’ The driver laughed, but not cruelly. ‘Yeah’ I muttered. ‘Lost track of time’. ‘Where would you be without me Celine?’ The driver turned to look at me. I shrugged. We got to school only a few minutes late and the driver quickly parked the car. ‘I’ll walk you to your next lesson’ the driver said and opened his door. He got out and walked around to my side and opened my car door, allowing me to get out gracefully. ‘Um…Thanks’ I said as we walked to Physics class. We stopped outside my classroom and looked at each other. ‘Well, here ya go. See you later’ they said and began to walk off. ‘Hey…Um…Thanks for the ride…Luke’. 
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