<3 falling for a nobody <3


4. Luke


  I drove home but I couldn’t get the image of Luke out of my head. The way he walked off, the tears dripping down his face. The way he dropped the rose as if he had been defeated. I felt bad, but surely it wasn’t my fault? I mean, I didn’t do anything. I parked my new Ferrari in the garage and  rummaged in my back for my iPhone. But I couldn’t find it. ‘Fuck’ I mumbled as I tipped the contents of my bag on the seat. ‘Fuck’. I must have left it at school somewhere. I carried on searching, pushing aside lipgloss after lipgloss. I gave up after a few minutes, it was clear that my phone wasn’t in my bag. I gathered my things back up and shoved them in my bag and walked to my house and upstairs. I sat down on my four-poster bed and looked at myself in the mirror. Oceanic blue eyes stared back at me as I combed my hair with my fingers. I heard the doorbell ring but I didn’t bother moving, that’s what butlers were for, right?  ‘Miss de la Haye! It’s for you!’ Gerard called. I sighed and dragged myself down the stairs. I wondered how it was this time, some weirdo wanting me to go a date with them. By the time I had reached the door, Gerard had gone back to the kitchen where he was clearing up so this gave me some privacy at least. Leaning against the doorframe, one hand in his pocket, was Luke. ‘Yes?’ I snapped at him. ‘What brings you to my house?’ He rolled his eyes at my rudeness. ‘What a lovely greeting. You should really be nice to me; after all, I have something you may want’. He smirked at me as he said this. ‘Sorry’ I said sarcastically. ‘Let me rephrase that. Hello Luke, it’s nice to see you’. ‘Better’ he winked and I resisted the urge to laugh. ‘I have your phone’. ‘You do?’ my tone lightened considerably. ‘Thanks’. ‘Yeah’. ‘Why did you bring it here? You could have given it to me at school tomorrow…’ ‘Well, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see the amazing de la Haye mansion, could I?’ ‘Funny’ I snapped sarcastically. I held out my hand for my phone and Luke looked at it. ‘Come on then, I haven’t got all day’. ‘Say please’ he smirked at me. ‘Please Luke; can I have my phone back?’ I smiled at him. Fakely of course. He slapped my iPhone in my hand and grinned at me. ‘So, you owe me now’ I rolled my eyes in annoyance. ‘Whatever. Thanks for bringing it round though. Later’ I tried to shut the door but he stuck his foot in the gap; preventing me from closing it completely. ‘What now?’ I had given up on trying to be patient and Luke was on my last damned nerve. ‘How are you going to repay me? I brought your precious phone back and gave you a lift…’ ‘Yes, I am aware of your generous actions Luke…’ ‘So, how are you going to then?’ ‘I don’t bloody know. What do you want me to freaking do? Buy you a new car? Wear a t-shirt saying ‘I love Luke Brooks’ around school? Let you move in?’ Luke chuckled. ‘All of the above’. ‘Ha. Not gonna happen. ‘Worth a shot’ I heard Luke mutter under his breath. ‘Come on a date with me then’. I nearly fell over backwards. Luke wanted me to go on a date with him? Like, seriously? ‘You’re joking right?’ I mean, I have standards. ‘Nope’ he couldn’t wipe that stupid smirk off his face. ‘Come on a date with me’. How the hell was I gonna back out of this one? ‘Um…Yeah…I’m busy. Sorry. Bye Luke’ and with that, I slammed the door shut. I got my phone out of my pocket and dialled Grace's number; filling her in on everything that had just happened. ‘AHAHAHA. Go on a date with him Celi, it would be a right laugh’ she told me, in between bursts of laughter. ‘Why in the world would I do that? I have a reputation to uphold you know’ ‘It would be so fun, you can just mess him about and stuff’ ‘I guess…’ I was hesitant. ‘Go on’ Grace pushed. ‘Do it Celi'. ‘Fine. I hate you for this though’ I heard Grace crack up laughing before I hung up and scrolled through my phonebook, looking for Sally's number. But one name caught my eye. Luke Brooks. He was a sly one, he was. I clicked on his name and pressed call. ‘Luke? It’s Celine’. ‘Hey’.
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