<3 falling for a nobody <3


3. detention


  He paused and looked over his shoulder and grinned at me. ‘No worries. Later’ he said before swinging his head back around. I knocked on the door before entering and everyone’s heads turned to me as I walked in. ‘Sorry I’m slightly late Miss’ I apologised. Though I didn’t mean it, of course. Ms Hunter, the Physics teacher, glared at me, her nose scrunched up before opening her mouth. ‘CELINE DE LA HAYE! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU’RE LATE!’ She screeched, her face turning puce. Out of all my teachers, she was the one who was the strictest on tardiness. ‘I got caught up in traffic, I’m very sorry. I’m only 4 minutes late though…’ I trailed off. ‘THAT’S NO EXCUSE MISS DE LA HAYE!’ Her hands, gripping the table tightly, turned white. She didn’t like me very much. ‘DETENTION!’ ‘What?’ I protested. ‘Are you kidding me?’ Ms Hunter pushed back her chair, it screeching against the floor, before screaming at me again. ‘YES I’M SERIOUS CELINE. NOW GO AND SIT DOWN BEFORE YOU GET A WEEK’S WORTH OF DETENTION!’ I wasn’t going to argue with her and I looked around the class room before realising there was a new seating arrangement. Fab. There was one space next to a boy with his head in his arms, lying on the table. I inwardly sighed before making my way to that spare seat. I could feel Ms Hunter’s eyes burning into the back of my back as I walked away. I flung myself down on the seat and edged it away from the boy, he looked dirty. He didn’t look up for the rest of the lesson which was fine by me. It felt like years had passed before the bell rang, signalling lunch. I quickly gathered my stuff up before shoving it in my bag and making my way towards the canteen. As I walked through the doors, my eyes travelled towards my usual table. It was in the top right corner, overlooking the fields. It was the nicest table in the canteen, which is why only me and my friends sit there. Grace and Sally were there already and I walked past them and dropped my bag on the chair before joining the canteen line. The girls in front of me were talking about which chocolate bar they were going to buy. Ew, I thought. Did they not know how many calories were in those? Plus, it looked as if they didn’t even work out. I shook my head pitifully as the line moved forwards. I picked up some salad and a diet coke before making my way back to my seat. As I sat down, a chorus of ‘hello’s’ greeted me. Grace and Sally were munching on some lettuce leaves whilst Sam, Grace's boyfriend was texting. I was the only single girl out of my girlfriends, Grace had Sm and Is had Tom, Penola’s star rugby player. But I wasn’t worried, I could have any guy I wanted, being honest. I heard a cough come from behind me and I saw Grace, Sally and Sam look up and their mouths drop open. I turned in my seat and looked up. Standing behind me was no other than Luke Brooks. Did he know what he was doing? You don’t just go up to the most popular people in the school and cough, especially when they are eating lunch. ‘Yes?’ I asked him, trying to keep the rudeness out of my voice. After all, he had  given   me a ride. ‘Can I sit here?’ I heard a splutter. No doubt that had come from either Grace or Sally. ‘There aren’t any other seats left’ he said, as a way of explanation. Sam, Grace and Sally all looked at me as if to say ‘your call’. The whole of the canteen had gone silent and were looking at us, clearly enjoying the scene. After all, no one had ever approached us and asked to sit with us. Especially a nobody. ‘Um…’ I said, avoiding eye contact. Luke’s face dropped and I felt as if I had kicked a puppy or something, he looked so miserable. ‘Sure’. Sally's eyes looked as if they were going to pop out and the remains of Grace's coke was now on the table. ‘Seriously?’ Sam mouthed to me. I nodded mutely in reply, hoping Luke didn’t see. I   mean,  I couldn’t turn him away after he had given me a lift to school, saving me from having to walk for another 15 minutes in heels. Plus, he got me out of a week’s worth of detentions, so it was only fair to him. Luke places his tray down opposite me before plonking himself down heavily. He had no class whatsoever. The noise in the canteen had returned to its normal level and everyone had gone back to whatever they were doing. They had obviously lost interest as they realised there wasn’t going to be a showdown or an insult match. ‘I’ve gotta go to the library and do some research on the Cold War’ Grace suddenly stood up. This was clearly a lie because we did it last year but it was clearly an excuse to leave me with Luke. ‘Yeah, me too’ Sally joined in. ‘I’ll come too’ Sam grinned slyly. ‘See you later’ I said, narrowing me eyes. Grace winked at me and Is looked at if she  was trying to stifle a laugh. They all walked off, nudging each other and giggling. They  were going to pay for this. I picked at my salad; I wasn’t really hungry and moved my fork around. ‘So’ Luke said softly. ‘So?’ I snapped and Luke raised his eyebrows. ‘Whoa, calm down. Your pretentious friends are gone so you don’t have to worry about them seeing us conversing’ he said calmly. ‘I’m not worried’ I snorted. ‘Oh yeah?’ He said, looking into my eyes. I dropped my eyes and put my fork down. ‘It’s  ok, I understand’. ‘Huh?’ I was slightly confused. ‘I get it. There are two types of people in this school. The popular ones and the  non-popular ones. You’re popular. I’m not. And these types don’t tend to engage in social interactions…’ He trailed off meaningfully. I flushed at his words, he was correct, sadly enough. ‘I’m not scared of being seen’ I said fiercely. ‘Plus, you’re pretty nice for a ‘non-popular’ kid’. Luke smiled at this and winked at me. ‘Thanks. I guess you’re alright for a ‘popular’. But you need to stop acting like a bitch; it’s not nice’. I bit my tongue to stop a rude reply from slipping out and settled for a nod instead. I wasn’t even sure why I was being nice to him; I guess he was fun to ‘play with’. ‘It’s a shame that these types don’t date’ Luke continued. ‘I mean, you would never dream of dating me would you?’ I shrugged. ‘Why do you want to know? Do you like a ‘popular’ then?’ Luke’s cheeks reddened. ‘Oh my god, you do as well? Who is it?’ Luke shook his head, smiling. ‘Not gonna say.’ ‘Is it Grace? Sally? Because they both have boyfriends…’ ‘No, it isn’t them’. ‘Tell me!’ I said, hitting him. ‘NO!’ He snapped, he sounded angry. ‘Alright. Calm down’ I smirked. ‘So. Do you have your eye on anyone?’ Luke asked me. ‘Nah’ I shook my hair over my shoulder. The rest of lunch and last period went quickly and I was exiting the gates before I realised I had detention. I groaned and made my way back inside to Ms Hunter’s room. I strolled in and took my place. After about 5 minutes, I head someone pull up the chair next to me. I looked up and saw the most beautiful boy standing there. He had long, straight dark brown hair, his fringe flopping across his forehead; and eyes so dark they were almost black. ‘Can I sit here?’ He asked. I nodded, I was incapable of speech. ‘I’m Kit’. ‘Celine, I replied, giving him my best smile. ‘From the de la Haye family, right?’ ‘Right’ I agreed. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’. ‘The pleasure’s all mine’ he replied smoothly. ‘So, what are you in here for?’ ‘Lateness’ I sighed. ‘You?’ He grinned. ‘I put up a massive “FOR SALE” sign on the school roof and set fire to my hand in Chemistry, so whenever Mr Logan asked question, I would put my hand up. It being on fire and all’ he broke off laughing. ‘Naughty’ I giggled. The rest of detention passed quickly and before I knew it, Kit and I were walking out of the gates. ‘So Celine, can I get your number?’ Kit asked nervously. He was obviously worried that I would reject him, me being Celine de la Haye for god’s sake. ‘Sure’ I replied grinning at him as he handed me his iPhone. I entered my number and passed it back to him. ‘I’ll give you a ring if ever you want to go out sometime?’ ‘That would be great’ I smiled shyly. ‘Thanks. Nice meeting you’ ‘And to you. I’ll walk you to your car’. Kit took my hand and led me to my car. See you soon Soph’ he said and gently kissed me on the cheek. I inhaled his scent; I could vaguely smell his purfume on him. He clearly had good taste. ‘Bye Celi' he said. ‘Later’ I replied, smiling at him. Kit walked off, though he turned around and blew me a kiss. I giggled and waved before he carried on. I opened my car door and slung my bag on the back seat. As I was just about to get into the driver’s seat, I saw someone standing close by, holding a single red rose. It was Luke. He had evidently just seen Kit and I together. He looked at me and his eyes looked teary. He shook at his head at me before walking off. I could see his tears fall onto the concrete as he ambled off, his head down. I saw the single red rose fall from his hand and onto the floor. 
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