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5. date?


  ‘You’re having me on, aren’t you?’ ‘No’ I replied. ‘Yes you are’ Luke spat, I could hear the anger in his voice. ‘I’m not honestly. Look, I’m trying to be nice here’ I reasoned with him. ‘Can it Celine. I know what would happen: I would arrive wherever we would meet and would wait hours but then you wouldn’t turn up, I’m not that dumb’. ‘What?’ I protested. ‘I wouldn’t do that, you know I wouldn’t’. ‘Yeah right Celine. You’re a bitch. You’re a straight up bitch’. Luke snapped angrily. ‘Thanks Luke. Nice to know what you think of me’ and with that, I slammed the phone down. ‘You’re a straight up bitch’ Luke’s words replayed over and over in my head. My phone rang again but I didn’t recognize the number. ‘Hello?’ I answered.                     ‘Celine? I’m sorry-’ Luke. I once again hung up and turned my phone off, in case he rung again. *The next day* I walked into the school hall, flanked by Grace on my right and Sally on my left. We were late, as usual, not that anyone usually cared. Everyone’s eyes turned to us as we entered the hall but then swivelled back as they realised that we weren’t going to get told off. The hall was packed and there were only 3 spare seats, located in different places around the hall. Grace and Sally made their way to the 2 seats closest to where we were standing. So that left me to go and right at the front next to the weirdos and nerds. I plonked myself down on the wooden chair and looked at who I was sat next to and who I had to sit next to for the next 30 minutes. Naturally, it was Luke. He caught my eye and attempted a smile but I turned my head away and inched my chair away from him; hoping he would get the message. ‘Celine, he whispered. I ignored him and continued to stare at the blank wall, not remotely interested in what the head teacher had to say. ‘Celine, he whispered a little louder. Again, I continued to ignore him. And then he did the unthinkable; he placed his hand on my thigh. ‘What the?’ I snapped under my breath at him as I glared at him. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ Luke whipped his hand away as he saw how pissed I was. ‘Sorry’ he muttered. He eyes down as he twiddled with his thumbs. At long last, assembly was over and I quickly grabbed my bag and stalked out of the hall. I felt a hand land on my shoulder as I exited through the double doors. I spun around on my heel and narrowed my eyes at the person whose hand was still on my shoulder. ‘What do you want Luke?’ I sighed; I was getting tired on this now. ‘I want to say I’m really sorry for calling you a bitch’ he said, his face red. ‘Whatever’ I snapped and turned away. ‘No Celine, I am really really sorry. You know I am’. ‘Oh really? Guess what Luke. I don’t believe you’. ‘Please believe me Celi-’ ‘Celine to you’ I interrupted. ‘Celine, Luke continued calmly. ‘I am really sorry, I shouldn’t have said it’. ‘Yeah, you shouldn’t have’ I retorted. ‘Do you forgive me?’ Luke asked, looking pleadingly at me, his brown eyes wide. I toyed with the idea of forgiving and not forgiving him in my mind. If I didn’t he would stop bothering me. On the other hand, I remembered Grace's words: ‘you can just mess him about and stuff’. I didn’t want to mess him about entirely but it would be fun to keep him hanging, wouldn’t it? My mind whirled. ‘I guess so’ I said, surprising both myself and Luke. ‘You do?’ Luke looked shocked. ‘Yeah’ I smiled. ‘Still on for that date then?’ I lowered my voice but I winked at Luke; whose grin grew. ‘You bet. What about tonight? I’ll pick you up at 8:30pm?’ ‘Sure. See you then’. I pulled Luke in for a hug and held him tightly. ‘I can’t wait’ I whispered into his ear. I pulled back and bit my lip. ‘Later’ I said and walked off, leaving a bemused Luke behind me. I walked to my next class, Geography, with a smile on my face. I was early; for once. I entered the empty class room and walked to my desk at the back by the window. I sat down and pulled a pen out of my bag and dropped it onto the wooden table. I placed my chin in my hand and turned to stare out of the window. ‘Is this seat taken?’ I jumped and looked upwards at the person standing next to me. ‘Um. No’ I replied, my heart racing. It was Kit. He smiled his million-dollar smile before dropping into the empty seat. ‘So Celi, wanna go out sometime?’ Kit asked me. ‘Sure’ ‘What about tonight?’ Kit said and at that moment, Luke sat in the seat in front of us. I had no idea that he was in this class, I’d never noticed him before. ‘So, tonight?’ Kit repeated. I noticed that Luke moved his head back slightly, as if he was listening in. ‘Um…Can’t make it tonight. Sorry’ I garbled. Luke turned around in his seat. ‘So babe, are we still on for tonight?’ He smirked. ‘Brooks’ Kit said coldly. ‘I didn’t know you went here’ ‘hahahaha, Luke replied. ‘Yes I do’. ‘I didn’t know you were dating Celine'. ‘Yep, we’ve been dating for about 3 months now, isn’t that right babe?’ Luke looked at me.  ‘Oh…'Kit seemed lost for words. I glared at Luke while he winked at me. He had ruined my chance with a perfectly nice guy. ‘You know what, I’m just gonna go and sit with my friend over there’ he said pointing to a guy across the room. ‘I need to help him out with the English Lit homework’ and with that, Kit gathered his stuff and practically ran across the room. ‘What the fuck was that for?’ I turned on Luke. ‘You had to ruin it, didn’t you? You’re pathetic’. Luke held his hands us, in mock surrender. ‘I’m helping you’. ‘How the hell are you ‘helping me?’ By ruining my chance with a hot guy? Pretending to be my boyfriend so you look cool? What is your problem Brooks?’ I practically shouted. ‘Calm down Celine. I know him. He’s not a nice guy’ Luke replied coolly. ‘How do you know that?’ ‘Because I used to go to school with him, before I moved here. He’s a man whore. He believes in the ‘4 f’s: find, finger, f**k, forget’. He got one chick pregnant and   then  dumped her before she aborted it. Trust me Celine, don’t get involved with him’. ‘Whatever Brooks’. ‘MR BROOKS!’ The teacher screamed at Luke. ‘WHY ARE YOU TALKING?’ ‘Sorry Miss’ Luke said meekly. ‘DETENTION. NO ONE SPEAKS WHEN I’M TALKING’. ‘It was Celine too’ Luke pointed at me. ‘WHAT?’ I screeched. ‘DETENTION. BOTH OF YOU!’ Luke and I both groaned. ‘F**k you Luke’ I whispered to him. Luke just laughed. The rest of the lesson went by quickly and before I knew it, I was walking to the detention class room. I plonked myself down in one seat and rested my head against the wooden table, hoping to drift off. ‘Hello Celine,' I heard Luke say. ‘Brooks’ I replied, not bothering to lift my head. ‘I hate you you know’ ‘Oh I know’ Luke chuckled as he sat himself down in the seat next to mine. Surprisingly, Luke stayed silent for the rest of detention and didn’t bother me. I was impressed. We walked out of school and I was headed to my car when I heard Luke murmer. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘I can’t get home. My brother normally picks me up but he’s at a friend’s house…’ ‘That sucks’ I smiled at him. ‘I’ll take you home if you want? I owe you a ride anyway’. ‘Sure. Thanks’ Luke smiled back and we both got in my car. I started the engine and plugged my iPhone into the decking station. ‘Remember when they said that what we want could never be done? Well look who’s laughing now’ Luke sang. ‘You like that song?’ I asked him, surprised. ‘Yep, love it. It's one of my favourite songs, he replied. I grinned, Luke had good music taste. ‘Here’ Luke said as I stopped outside a white house. The journey had gone pretty quickly, Luke and I mostly talked about music as we both liked the same songs. ‘Hey, um, thanks for the ride’ Luke muttered as he fiddled with his seatbelt. ‘Welcome’ I said as I leant over to hug him. He returned the hug and I felt butterflies swim in my stomach. ‘Later Luke’ I said, kissing his cheek. ‘Later Celine,' Luke said, his brown eyes looking into mine. He leant forwards and pressed his lips against mine. 
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