<3 falling for a nobody <3


1. ugh


‘Celine! Wait up!’ I heard a voice shout my name as I walked down the corridor. I slowed to a halt and sighed as I turned around, wondering who wanted me this time. Everybody’s eyes swivelled to me but this wasn’t unusual. ‘What?’ I snapped. ‘Are you heading to Spanish?’ a boy asked me.  ‘Yes’ my tone was clipped. ‘What’s it to you?’ ‘Can I walk with you?’ I stared at him in disbelief. Did he seriously just ask me that? ‘Do I know you?’ I said rather rudely; glaring at him. I didn’t care about my attitude; I was Celine de la Haye for god’s sake. I could do anything or say anything and no one would dare contradict me. ‘I’m in your English Lit class and Spanish too’. ‘That’s lovely’ I growled. ‘  ‘So, can I walk with you then?’ I looked skyward; he wasn’t going to give in. And neither was I. ‘Sorry, but I’ve gotta run’ I said, checking the time on my gold Rolex. ‘Oh okay’ he said dejectedly. ‘Another time?’ ‘Sure’ I replied, humouring him. Did this boy honestly think I would walk to class with him?  I wasn’t even aware of his existence until today. And if I did walk with this nobody I would never, ever live it down. His face lit up as I replied to him and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I was used to guys throwing themselves at me if I’m being honest. I mean, I’m from the de la Haye family. I’m wealthy, popular, clever and not to mention beautiful. I know it sounds conceited but that’s the brutal truth. I have it all. I slung my new Prada handbag over my shoulder as I strutted away, sending a quick text to my best friends: Sally Bamont and Grace Hohmes, telling them to meet me at the local Starbucks in Melbourne city central. My friends and I were allowed off campus during school time. Okay, we weren’t technically ‘allowed’ but we are all from very wealthy families, so the faculty turns a blind eye to us.   I made my way down the crowded corridors and the other students parted as I walked down, as if I was Royalty. Well, I kind of am, I guess. My phone vibrated in my hand, meaning I had a new message. It was from Grace, saying she would meet me there in 5. I kept my eyes glued to my phone as I walked out of school, not caring if anyone saw me. Hell, they wouldn’t say anything anyway. ‘HEY! HEY YOU!’ Someone shouted after me. I looked over my shoulder to see the boy from earlier running after me. ‘What do you want?’ I snapped. ‘Where are you going?’ he ignored me question. ‘None of your damn business’ I replied haughtily, narrowing my eyes at him. ‘Why are you going off campus?’ he said, his eyes burning into mine. ‘Because I am, alright?’ ‘You’re not allowed you know’. I resisted the urge to do the classic ‘facepalm’ and settled for an eye roll instead. ‘You think I don’t know that? I’ve been going off campus for years and the school know and guess what? They don’t say anything. So I guess that means I’m allowed’. He stared at me. ‘Bye’ I said, plastering a fake smile on my face. ‘You don’t even know my name do you?’ I shook my head in reply. ‘Well Celine he said my name softly whilst staring into my eyes. I averted my gaze so I was now staring at the ground. His intense gaze was making me uncomfortable. ‘I’m Luke. Luke Brooks’.


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