Flare- Hero Series Book One

This is book one of The Hero Series. Meet the characters and get to know them before the action of the entire series starts. if you have any questions, feel free to ask, but no plotlines will be revealed. interpretations are ok with me, but try not to all out guess the story. this is a rewrite, meaning nothing will influence the plot. details, maybe.


1. 1

It was dawn when we started. We never finished. I am Lieutenant Franklin Rotts of the Southern Iranian Brigade 13th division. My squad and I were patrolling the Northern Sector when a radio transmission came in about an illegally operated nuclear weapons facility within 5 kilometers of our position. I radioed back my confirmation and relayed the information.
After checking our gear and confirming plan of infiltration, we headed that way. A quiet footstep. A small shuffle of feet. The sounds of gunfire echoing down the alley.
Once outside the facility, we were ambushed. I took a hit to the back of the head and blacked out. I awoke in a dark, musty room, tied to a wooden chair by my wrists and ankles. Burning. Cutting into my arms, legs. I tried to wiggle free but to no avail. I slowly looked around the room. I was tied up with two other men from my squad.
I couldn't make out the features due to the shadows, but from what I could tell, they were both out cold. I slowly closed my eyes and let my head hang down. "Psst!" A silent prod of vocalization woke me from a deep drowsy slumber. I snapped my head up and looked around the dark room. The man on my left was still. "Psst!" A quick snap of my head and I found the source of the sound. The man on my right was looking at me. I could make out enough detail in the face to recognize my squadmate.
Second Private Matthew Davis, light machine gun specialist and support gunner/spotter for a couple of our team snipers. He breathed a sigh of relief when he recognized me. I nodded a confirmation of verbalization to let him speak. "Sir, are you alright?" He asked worriedly. "Yes, I am fine. Where are we?" I inquired. "Sir, have you ever heard of the new leader of the Phantoms?" "You mean the new terrorist group that took over after the 2020 fall of Al-Qaida?" He nodded. "Yes, what about them?" "That weapons facility was theirs" "I figured as much. What does that have to do with our situation now?" "We're about ten stories deep under it."
I swore under my breath. "And that isn't all," he continued, "This is also their base of operations."
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