Live Laugh Love, and all the other things.

Charlie is a 16 year old girl, she wonna go to England for a year. She writes diary on the trip, and before.
This is her story.


2. ...


Dear diary.

Wuhuu, it's my last day of school, it's so amazing to finally be free from the teachers! In school we had water fight, it was really funny. And later tonight we are all going to party at Daniels house, without parents;) Samantha, Julia and I, are going to make hair and makeup together. ' gonna wear that red dress I bought and the black hat, sexy, but still casual. Tomorrow my parents have their day off so we are going to eat a nice dinner somewhere, I don't know yet where I wonna go.

I got a letter today, it's about the job I wanted. I actually got it, and I can start on Monday. It's really nothing special, it's just some work in a shop. But the best thing is that I get discount on the clothes. Shopping time!

Ohh, I have to go now, Julia and Samantha can be here any minute!


-Love Charlie xx


Her outfit to the party:


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