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In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send a boy and a girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live tv Sixteen year old Larah Thors regards it as a death sentence when she volunteers to take her boyfriends sister place in the Hunger Games and her boyfriend,Cato, gets chosen aswell. Fighting for both Cato and Larah is second nature. They are natural contenders being from district 2. Things may crumble when both Cato and Larah fight to keep each other alive. And to save the other they must sacrifice their own life. But to save him she will have to make choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. There can only be one winner


11. Night

We were very quiet. Not a sound. The moonlight flitting through the leaves of the canopy above us. Knife ready in my hand I kept my eyes peeled for any sign of a tribute. We had walked about 5 kilometres when I heard the leaves crunching under feet. It was obvious that it was a running tribute. I stopped and snapped my head around. The others noticed I had stopped and turned to see what I was doing. "Wha-" Cato asked but I shushed him. They caught on to what was happening and silenced. They looked around to see what I was seeing but couldn't find anything. I crept forward towards the person who had now stopped running and was sitting down. The others followed me quietly. I gripped my knife tighter hoping that it wasn't Thresh. I didn't think it was, I'm pretty sure he went into the field. I quickly got a glimpse of their hair. Blonde. And it was a boy. Definetly not Thresh. The others saw the hair too and stopped being so quiet. Soon the sticks and twigs were snapping under our boots. He came into full view and he was staring at us, his blue eyes frightened. It was Peeta. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Marvel asked, cocky. "Looks like fresh meat," Cato said. "I can help you find her," Peeta said to Cato abruptly. Cato looked taken aback. But you could tell he was considering it. "And how would you do that?" Glimmer asked, her eyebrow raised. "It's easy. I can see the clues that you can't, I know her," he said. I think when he said 'I know her' was when he won me over. "Fine," Cato agreed. Peeta got up, grabbed his bag and followed us as we began to move again. It was about midnight when we saw the smoke through the trees. I started sprinting and so did the others. A girl, no older then 15 was sitting next to the fire. The sound of Cato pulling out his sword startled her. She turned to face us, her eyes widening in fear. Cato didn't say anything, he just gave the sword to Glimmer who killed her. Her scream ringing through the night. Great, now anyone that was close would know we're here. We looked through her pack but didn't find anything usefull. We walked off through the trees laughing our heads off. "Please don't kill me Cato," Glimmer said mocking her. I laughed at her voice. "Wat, wait, did you see the look on her face?" Marvel asked. Glimmer gasped. "Oh no, please don't kill me, oh no," she said to Cato, in a ridiculous voice, through laughs. "Thats actually a good impression," Cato said laughing aswell. Cato stopped laughing and turned to Peeta who was trailing behind us. "Hey, lover boy. You sure she went this way?" Cato asked him. "Yeah I'm sure." Peeta replied. "You better be," Marvel said. "Yeah, that was her snare we found back there," Peeta said before walking off. "Are you sure we shouldn't just kill him now?" Glimmer asked Cato when Peeta was out of earshot. "Nah, he's our best chance of finding her," he replied. "Ok," she said. "Let's go," Cato said. We walked off looking for any signs of other tributes. Dawn broke and we decided to go back to the cornicopia for a little rest. I was on first watch. Then Marvel then Cato then Glimmer. It was about noon when we got up. We decided to go to the stream we found yesterday. As we were walking I heard a crackling sound. Like fire. I could smell it too. I looked around for the fire. In the trees ahead was a wall of fire. Deadly looking. "WATCH OUT!" I yelled at  the others pointing to the fire. Their eyes widened in shock. They weren't expecting this. None of us were. Suddenly it started shooting out fireballs that I just managed to dodge, but Glimmer wasn't so lucky. It singed the bottom of her jumper. A red line along her waist. It didn't look bad though. We bolted the opposite way. My hair started to smoke and I looked at the bottom of it while I was running. The bottom of my hair was burnt, crumbling in my hands. I gritted my teeth and kept running. The fire stopped and we arrived at the lake. "Woah, woah! There she is, there she is!" Marvel suddenly yelled pointing over at the water. What? I looked over at the water and saw Katniss sitting in it. "Come on let's go! Let's go!" Cato said in excitement. We started running down the rocks and through the water to her when she got up and sprinted away from us. "Oh she's mine!" I yelled. "HA! Not if I get her first!" Cato laughed. We continued running after her yelling and cheering. "Where are you gonna go?" Cato yelled at her laughing. "MINE!" Glimmer yelled. "Someone found the pond!" Cato exclaimed. "Yeah, looks like someone found the pond!" Marvel agreed. We were running through the bush without a care in the world. I jumped over a log that was obviously an old tree and continued following her, hollering and cheering. She started climbing up a nearby tree. Idiot. "Where you going, baby?" Cato hollered as we neared the tree then laughed. "Where you going girl on fire?" he asked up the tree. "Got her!" Glimmer said with pleasure. "Oh, miss Everdeen come on," Marvel  said. "That's not gonna help you up  there, Katniss!" Glimmer called up to her. "Where you going, huh?" I asked. "Get her Cato!" I said as he started climbing up the tree after her. "You are so dead," Glimmer said to Katniss. Katniss just kept climbing up the tree. "Get her," Marvel called out. "KILL HER!" Me and Glimmer called out at the same time. "Go on," Marvel yelled. "Go, go Cato!" Glimmer yelled. "Come on Cato!" I exclaimed. "You've got this, you've got this right here!" Glimmer said to him. "Go Cato, come on Cato," I yelled. He was getting pretty high up in the tree. Climbing up all the branches. "KILL HER CATO!" I egged Cato on. "Go!" Marvel yelled. You could hear Cato say "I'm comin for you," to Katniss as he was climbing. I knew he was going to fall the second he put his hand on the branch. The branch was way to weak too be able to handle his weight. He grabbed onto it and it snapped and he rocketed to the ground. He grunted in pain as Glimmer said "I'll do it myself," annd she readied her bow. Pointing it up at Katniss, all the way up the top of the tree. She shot the arrow and it miissed Katniss by an inch. Glimmer didn't lookpleased. "Give it here," Cato said, taking the bow and arrows out of Glimmers hands. "Get her," I said. "Come on, come on," Marvel said to Cato. He took aim and shot. It didn't go anywhere near her. "Maybe you should throw the sword," Katniss yelled down at Cato. "Let's just wait her out," Peeta said. I'd almost forgotten about Peeta. He'd been so quiet. I turned my attention to him, surprised he had spoken. So did the rest of us. "She's gotta come  down at some point. It's that or starve to death, we'll just kill her then" Peeta explained. I have to admit it was a pretty good idea. "Ok, Somebody make a fire," Cato said. I walked off in to the bush to get some wood for the fire, watching Katniss up in her tree. She didn't look too pleased with Peeta's idea. That was a good thing.

I came back after a while with my arms loaded with wood. I set in on the ground and Marvel took some matches out of his backpack to light the fire. Cato was the only one gone. Probably getting food. I got up and went to find him. He wasn't far away from our campsite. He was getting some rabbits for dinner. He was gutting one of them when I wlked over to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind and kissed his cheek. "We've got her now," I said to him. He chuckled kissing me back. I helped him gut the last few rabbits tthen we went back to the others. We threw the rabbits on the ground and Glimmer started cooking them over the fire. They weren't tasty but they were satisfying. And I bet the smell wafted up to Katniss. Which would have made her hungrier. Excellent. Cato got out his sword and heated it over the fire until it was scorching white. He then spat on the tip where it was hot, making a sizzling sound. Glimmmer scoffed and said "Boys." Cato raised an eyebrow at her and chuckled. Peeta and Marvel had already gone to sleep and Glimmer was starting to nod off too so that it was just me and Cato awake. "Come here you," Cato said, grabbing my waist and dragging me over to him. I laughed as he set me down next to him. He lay down and I rested my head on his chest. I soon fell asleep.



A/N Okay, hey guys!!! :) I know the story so far sounds like its gonna be exactly the same as the movie/book but it'll be different ... just wait.

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