The careers

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send a boy and a girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live tv Sixteen year old Larah Thors regards it as a death sentence when she volunteers to take her boyfriends sister place in the Hunger Games and her boyfriend,Cato, gets chosen aswell. Fighting for both Cato and Larah is second nature. They are natural contenders being from district 2. Things may crumble when both Cato and Larah fight to keep each other alive. And to save the other they must sacrifice their own life. But to save him she will have to make choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. There can only be one winner


9. Interview

"Rise and shine. We have another big day ahead of us," Cherise said coming in, waking us up, and opening the curtains to let in sunshine that hurt my eyes. I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes while Cato asked "What is today?" "We have the interviews today infront of the whole of Panem today, so we need to be speedy if you guys wanna look terrific for it," Cherise said firmly. I got up and had a shower in my room. I changed into a pair of black sweats and a white singlet. Enobaria walked into my room and said "Hurry up. You have your coaching in a minute." I ordered some pancakes drenched in maple syrp for breakfast and wolfed them down. I walked into Enobarias room and she said "So what approach do you wish to go for at the interview? You will not be doing anything that makes you look weak though, you have to look strong, bloodthirsty, lethal." I nodded listening to every word that she said. "What do I say if they mention anything about me and Cato?" I asked. "Hmmm. You tell them the truth. The audience always loves a little drama. They'll go nuts for this stuff," she answered. "Enobaria. I'm not going to let him die. He's going to win this. I'll make sure of it. Please, you have to help me," I begged. "Of course. Thanks for pointing out the obvious though. Who doesn't know what your plan is? It's so obvious. It's also obvious that he's doing the same thing," she pointed out. "If he tells you to help him save me, don't do it. He's the one that's going to win, not me. You got it?" I asked. "Of course," she replied smiling slightly. "You best get going, you have to go get ready with Taringo," she said. I walked out of the door into the loungeroom and saw that Cato and Cherise were waiting for me. We walked into the elevator that took down to the ground floor. The beauty floor. I met with Taringo near the back of the room. He gestured for me to go in the curtained off room. My prep team waxed me, plucked my eyebrows, polished my nails and did my hair and makeup. I already looked amazing. Taringo helped me into my dress because I wasn't aloud to open my eyes until it was on. It felt like a feather and so soft. "You can open your eyes now," Taringo said and I opened my eyes to see myself in the mirror. I was stunning. The dress was amazing and my prep team had done a wonderful job. The dress was a white boob-tube with a black belt and black mesh off one shoulder. ( ) I wore some black sequined heels to go with. My hair was curled and came to my mid-chest. "OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING!" I squeeled and threw myself into Taringo's arms. "Thank you so much," I smiled at him. "I'm glad you like it," he said. "Tributes to the backstage area," the speakers rang out. I smiled at Taringo and left to go backstage. I met up with the other careers who also looked amazing. Glimmer wore a baby pink puffy dress and the boys wore handsome suits. "Hey. You look amazing," Cato said pecking my lips. "Thanks. And oh why don't you look handsome?" I said. "Oh why yes I do," he replied, laughing. Then we heard Caeser Flickerman call out to the crowd "WELCOME! welcome, welcome. The 74th HUNGER GAMES! Now in about 5 minutes we're all going to learn about all the tributes we've heard about." "Let's see if she does indeed shine. Let's have a warm round of applause for Glimmer," Glimmer pranced out onto the stage and sat on the couch infront of Caeser. "Glimmer, are you prepared?" "Yes Caeser I am very prepared," she said smiling to the crowd...Then it was Marvel's turn which finished quite quickly. "Welcome, Larah," Caeser announced and I walked onto the stage and sat on the couch. "So Larah, how are you?" he asked. "I'm good Caeser how are you?" I answered. "Very good, thankyou," he replied. "Your welcome," I said. "So Larah, tell us, why are you the one to beat?" he asked. "Well Caeser, I'm very skillfull witha knife, I'm strong, and I always win a fight," I replied. "Well, that's very good. I'm also guessing you have some very good allies?" "Yes, I do," I said. "I've heard that your dating one of them, Cato, the boy from your district. Is this true?" he asked. "Yes this is true," I answered. "There has to be a story behind that. What is it?" I remained silent. "Oh come on, don't be shy," Caeser said. I looked at Cato who was at he curtain edge. He nodded. I took a deep breath and started. "We met when we were both 11. We were at the training centre. It was our first day. They were teaching us how to use a sword. I remember Cato was in the front of the line with his friends when it was his turn to hit the dummy with the blunt sword. It sliced in half. He was amazing. I remember feeling like he was so cool and awesome. He walked past me and smiled and it made me feel so happy. Then we had knives and everyone was crap at it besides me. I hit the centre every time. Then at the end of the day I was walking home when he was running towards me and calling out my name. He asked me to help him with knives. I agreed. Then we became best friends for 2 yeard. We were walking to class by ourselves when he asked me if I wanted him to help me with swords. That afternoon we were in his backyard practising with the sword and we had cracked up over one of my attempts. And then we started going out. We've dated ever since," I said retelling the story. The crowd was entranced by what I was saying. I knew that this was the jackpot. "And how did you feel about him being reaped? How do you still feel?" he asked. "I felt like I was going to blackout, I felt like my heart had been wrenched from my chest. And how I feel now? I feel scared. Scared that he'll get hurt. Or that I can't save him. I'm terrified for him," I said choking back tears. Be strong. "So you intend to save him?" he asked. "Of course," I answered. "How touching. How strong you must be for taking his sisters place, tell us about that," he said. "What is there to tell? She's too young to go in these games. She'd die, I'd never let that happen to her," I answered. The bell went off signaling that our time was over. I stood up and Caeser yelled out "Give it up for Larah!" I walked off the stage to where Cherise, Taringo and Enobaria was. "That was brilliant!" they applauded."Welcome Cato!" I heard Caeser say on the screen that was on the wall for the tributes to watch. I turned my attention to the screen. "I'm guessing you saw all of Larah's interview?" he asked. "Yes," Cato said his voice cracking slightly, you could barey tell. If you didn't know him you wouldn't have been able to notice. But I definetly did. "Can you tell us your point of view of your story?" Caeser asked. "As Larah said, it was our first day of training, I walked past her after I sliced the dummy and I remember her being very pretty. I couldn't help but smile. Then we had knives like she said, and I failed so badly. Then she had her turn. She was awesome! She got the centre every time and we so quick at it. Then at the end of the day I started to walk home when I saw her walking down the street. I wanted an excuse to talk to her so I ran up to her and asked her if she could help me with knives. She said yes. And the rest is the same," Cato told Caeser. My heart was beating so fast. I felt a smile creap onto my face. "And how do you feel about her volunteering for little Callie?" Caeser asked. "In some ways, I'm really gratefull that she volunteered because then Callie wouldn't be in the arena, then in some ways I'm sad because only one of us can live," Cato said. "And you heard her say that she intends on saving you. Are you going to let her?" he asked. "Absoloutely not," Cato answered seriously. "Well this is going to be an interesting year, isn't it? And what are your tactics for the games?" Caeser asked. "I think you'll figure that out when the games start," Cato said. "I bet we will. CATO!" Caeser yelled holding his hand to the crowd. Cato walked off te stage over to where we were. He came up and kissed my forehead. I smiled slightly and watched the rest of the interviews.

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