The hunter

Sky is a talent. A rare exception to teh evryday human. She had magic cousing thorugh her veins. The only problem is she doesn't know what it does. Can her two mysterious cloaked figures help her find out? or will the kingdoms fall into war with a greater evil?


2. Royal guests

I was walking through the palace courtyard on the day before my birthday. The morning sky was bright and blue and the soft wind played with my fine, black hair. I heard running behind me and turned just in time to see my friend Jason and his dog Timothy plough head first into a huddle of women gossiping about the latest palace news. I watched as Jason tripped and stumbled through the group all the while waving his hand in the air yelling 'Sky!' over and over. Sky was my nickname and seeing as I had only one friend, I was rarely called that. In the royal court everyone was too formal. At dinner I was announced as 'Lady Skyler Eboni Woodworth' and everyone called me 'Lady Woodworth'. It was one of the downsides of having a father so high up on the political scale: everyone was too scared to trust you. Jason wasn't scared of me though. In fact I don't think he was scared of anything, which was good because you have to be either brave or mad to survive in Jason's line of work.

You see, Jason was a magic student and so he spent a lot of time around 'talents' (as the ladies of the court called them) to try and reason out their powers. He didn't get very far because most of his subjects were too self-righteous to sit still in a laboratory for too long. Which was why I was one of his favourite subjects. I had the patience to sit still for long periods of time and I didn't have a problem with Jason's odd experiments. It was after all how we became friends in the first place. Now, as he finally made his way out of the crowd of disgruntled young gossips, he straightened his waist coat, corrected his Reading glasses, and ran a hand through his mop of reddish brown hair.

'Jase' I reprimanded him. 'One of these days you're going to have to learn to be more careful. You're going to end up hurting someone if you don't stop running around the castle at full speed'

'Sky! There's too much going on in the world to go any slower!' he moaned. Although he was 2 years older than me, he still treated me like the elder, which I guess was fine with me as I was the mature one anyway. 'And what is going on in the world right now that made you barge your way through the courtyard as if you were being chased by wild dogs?'

Jason flashed me a cheeky smile and said 'The royal court is going to have visitors. Foreign dignitaries from Eyen are coming to sign a trade deal with the king! And I hear they are quite important and the king plans on throwing them a feast!'

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