The hunter

Sky is a talent. A rare exception to teh evryday human. She had magic cousing thorugh her veins. The only problem is she doesn't know what it does. Can her two mysterious cloaked figures help her find out? or will the kingdoms fall into war with a greater evil?


5. Pre-party Jitters

I woke to my lady's maid shaking me. Apparently, the foreign visitors had arrived early and I had only half an hour to get ready. I ordered a warm bath drawn and a flower to be cut from the palace walls and brought to my room. I then soaked in the bath, wishing that I had longer to prepare.

I was out of the bath tub all too soon and the air cooled my skin as I used a soft cotton towel to dry myself. I had just put on my dress and was smoothing it down when a knock sounded on my front door. Without turning away from the mirror I said clearly 'Come in'.

The door opened and I turned to see Edward standing just inside the doorway twirling a flower, that was such a dark purple it was almost black, around and around in his hand. I walked towards him and curtsied.

'Hey' he said awkwardly and handed me the flower. I slid it into my hair which I had brushed and left, falling in waves down to my waist. He was wearing a typical black suit with a brightly coloured trim. It must have cost a small fortune and I knew for a fact that he wasn't into that kind of extravagance. But he was, after all, heir to the thrown and it was expected of him. He had his dark brown hair slicked back and was peering at me with his mother's blue eyes.

'Are you looking forward to tonight?' I asked him, not sure what else to say.

'I'm kind of nervous about the prince' he said. 'One wrong move can break our peace and I don't want that to happen'. I smiled comfortingly and touched his shoulder.

'Don't worry. I'll be right by your side to make sure you don't say something stupid'

'It's not me I'm worried about' he sighed. I knew what he meant. Kalan would say or do anything just to cause trouble for his father and this was the perfect opportunity. He turned to me and offered me his arm. I smiled shyly and took it, so he could lead me to the main hall.

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