The hunter

Sky is a talent. A rare exception to teh evryday human. She had magic cousing thorugh her veins. The only problem is she doesn't know what it does. Can her two mysterious cloaked figures help her find out? or will the kingdoms fall into war with a greater evil?


7. Let's get the party started

Everyone stood behind their seats, as the king and queen were announced by the steward. As they entered the room, all eyes were on them. The king strode in confident and strong with his fur lined cloak, intricate golden crown and his shiny, metal sword hanging from his belt.

The queen was the exact opposite but still inspired awe among her people. She was wearing a brilliant white gown with a blue sash across her waist and a small and a delicate looking silver tiara accenting her blonde curls. She glided gracefully along the floor, with elegance that was almost impossible for any one person to have. People on both sides of the room bowed their heads in respect as the king and queen walked past on their way to the seats.

When the king and queen sat down, the entire room sat down with them signalling the start of the feast. Various conversations sprung up around the room and I managed to catch sections of the civil murmurings from the nobles that sat around nearby tables. One point that interested me was about my appearance here. I tended to remain out of parties as they were never much interest to me.

'She's stunning. Who is she?' at first I had no idea who they were talking about. I thought maybe the queen, as she was entirely breath taking.

'That's the girl I was telling you about. The one with the unknown talent. It's a shame if you ask me to let such a pretty face bear such a curse'

Of course it was me they were talking about. I had ever thought of myself as pretty, but I guess that's because I never had reason to. Before now, I had never known anyone that thought I was.

At the royal table, the King sat in the middle, looking out over the hall, with his queen to his right hand side. The Eyenian Prince sat to the kings left and his two mysterious attendants standing a few feet behind him with their backs to the wall. To the princes left sat place after place of Ferinian and Eyenian diplomats, currently squabbling over trade agreements. I sat to the right of the queen with Prince Edward on my other side. The space reserved for Kanan, to the right of Edward, was empty and I was relieved to see that I wouldn't have to put up with the two brothers bickering all night. From where I sat I could hear snatches of the conversation taking place between the king and Prince Alexander.

'..... Glad you could make it..... Hope the journey wasn't too rough'

The king was playing host, even though it was clear that he thought himself superior. It was one of his worst traits; he would demean the younger generation, thinking we had not yet gained enough experience to take charge sufficiently.

'Glad to be here...... Thank you for your hospitality'

All of a sudden the prince stood up, grabbing the attention of the entire room.

'Ladies and Gentlemen' he said in a clear strong voice. 'As a thank you for your hospitality this evening, we have brought a surprise gift for you all to enjoy. Traditional Eyenian entertainment consists mainly of dancing and our music is biased around drum beats. Therefore, for your entertainment for tonight, we have brought the best dancers from our country, The Silver Bells'

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