The hunter

Sky is a talent. A rare exception to teh evryday human. She had magic cousing thorugh her veins. The only problem is she doesn't know what it does. Can her two mysterious cloaked figures help her find out? or will the kingdoms fall into war with a greater evil?


3. Adopted family

By lunch time, news of the royal visitors had spread. They were to arrive late that afternoon, where they would be greatest by a marvellous feast with food from all over the country and the best entertainment. It was rumoured that not only did the Eyenian dignitaries come with gifts for the king's court but they were also accompanied by the Eyenian Prince Alexander, first in line to the Eyen throne. Eyen was a country that lay on the western border of my country Ferinan and, even though they were one of our closest and less hostile neighbours, a visit from them was rare. I couldn't help thinking that there was an ulterior reason for the unexpected visit. I pondered the thought as I walked to my rooms on the second floor of the castle.

As I was nearly seventeen, I had my own rooms but fairly close to my fathers as I was not yet counted as an adult. My mother had died a few days after giving birth to me, and I didn't miss her because I hadn't known her. But I was hardly without a mother figure. King Rupert and Queen Magdalen had 2 children both boys (Prince Edward and Prince Kalan) but the queen could never seem to bear a daughter. This didn't bother the king because he already had 2 heirs but the queen wanted a daughter to dress and play with and to impart the ways of the noble women. So when my father brought me to live at the palace to avoid the house with the memories of my mother, the queen adopted me as her own.

It pleased my father for me to have a mother figure and it pleased the king to see his wife so happy. The only person who was displeased with my bond with the queen was prince kalan. As the younger brother he was unlikely to inherit the crown unless his brother died and because of this he had a lot more spare time than his older brother. I got on well with Edward but when Kalan found out about my bond with the queen, he spent his spare time tormenting me. Luckily when Edward found out  and he protected me from his brother. I asked him once why and he replied 'He is my brother. It is my responsibility to push him towards the right path'

After that I talked to Edward more. I would never bring myself to call him a friend because I suspected that even he didn't completely trust me. But he was always civil towards me and looked out for me as if I were his sister.

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