The hunter

Sky is a talent. A rare exception to teh evryday human. She had magic cousing thorugh her veins. The only problem is she doesn't know what it does. Can her two mysterious cloaked figures help her find out? or will the kingdoms fall into war with a greater evil?


1. Prologue

I live in a world much different to yours. Your world contains guns and science whereas mine contains swords and magic. If you can even call it that. Only the chosen few are in possession of what we call 'talents' and no one talent is ever the same. They can range from a talent in knife fighting to a talent in cooking. I once met a woman whose talent was to climb up walls like a spider and so she worked in the kings palace cleaning the chandeliers. I am one of the few with a talent. The only problem is no-one knows what my talent is. Many have guessed at singing or painting but although I am exceptional at both, I am not the best. And if it were my talent I would be the best. I was born to a high up noble family as my father was the kind second advisor, and because of that I spent much of my time in the castle. That was where I was, just before my seventeenth birthday, when I witnessed an event that would change my life for the worse.

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