I do {{A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic.}}

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Harry and Louis has been in love since the first time they saw each other and said their love to each other to a party. They began to act like a couple in the public but then the Directioners AND The mangement found out so they found the pretty Eleanor Calder to Louis so they could stop all the talk about ''Larry Stylinson'' was real.
Selena G, Miley C & Demi L were the only one who knew the love between the boys.
In the same time Zayn just got out of his relationship with Perrie from ''Little mix.''
And is Liam falling in love in the beautiful party girl Miley Cyrus? Or is it Niall who is the lucky one? And will the pretty Ariana Grande ruing everything?
There will be drama, weddings, tears, hospitals, funerals.. And a baby.


9. 9

Selena pulled away from the kiss and looked at Liam.

Liam and Selena just looked at each other..

''I can't..'' Mumbled Selena and walked fast away.

''Liam!'' Yelled Niall and walked over to Liam.

''What!'' Yelled Liam back.

''We can't live our life like this anymore..'' Said Niall and looked down.

''You are right..'' Mumbled Liam and looked around.

''You Niall! Go get Harry and Louis. I'll get Zayn.'' Said Liam and walked around.


''Selena?'' Asked Demi while she was smoking some weed.

''What?'' Answered Selena while she was laying down on Demi's belly.

''The boys are going on tour on friday.''

''Me to..'' Said Selena.

''I'm going to be fucking alone.'' Said Demi while 5 tears streamed down her face.

''Noo! You have Justin.'' Smiled Selena.

''Yeah.. I guess I have..'' Said Demi and kissed Selena on her forehead.

''We will always be best friends.'' Smiled Selena in the same second Demi kissed her forehead. 

''Always.'' Smiled Selena.


''Shut the fuck up Harry!'' Cried Louis.

''I'm fucking sorry!'' Yelled Harry.

''No!'' Yelled Louis.

''Boys-'' Came Niall.

''I'm going fucking home!'' Cried Harry and walked his way.

''Omg.'' Said Louis and set down on the floor.

''Hey. Bro.'' Said Niall.

''What?'' Cried Louis.

''Come on. We are going home.'' Said Niall.

''To.. To..'' Said Louis with a cracking voice.

''To you, me, Liam, Zayn, and Harry's one direction house, yes.'' Smiled Niall and helped Louis up.

Louis smiled and they walked home.


Friday morning.


Louis woke up in his and Harry's room they had in the ''One direction''-house.

He was alone..

''Hey Lou. Wake up.'' Came Liam in the room.

''I am awake.'' Said Louis looked up so he could see Liam.

''Good. We are going to the airport about.. 5 hours.'' Said Liam and walked out.

''Shit.. And I haven't talked to Harry since the party..'' Thought Louis in him self.

''Knock knock!'' Came Selena in the room.

''Hey sweetie.'' Smiled Louis.

''Hey. I'm going to the airport now.. So I just wanted to say goodbye. See you in Paris?'' Smiled Selena.

''Yes.'' Answered Louis.

''Hey! Give me a hug boobear.'' Smiled Selena and walked over to the bed.

Louis pulled Selena down in the bed with him and tickled her.

''Hey! Hey! Stop! My makeup! My hair!'' Laughed Selena.

''Selly, it's-'' Came a lady with glasses and brown hair in the room.

''Oh my God, I'm so so sorry!'' Said she and walked out.

''Omg, that was my manager Louis!'' Laughed Selena.

''Say hi to her from me.'' Grinned Louis.

''If you say so.'' Smiled Selena and kissed Louis on the check and walked out.

''All alone..'' Said Louis to him self. In the same second he got a text.

''Heey boobear. See you in the airport? xx'' 

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