I do {{A Larry Stylinson Fan Fic.}}

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Harry and Louis has been in love since the first time they saw each other and said their love to each other to a party. They began to act like a couple in the public but then the Directioners AND The mangement found out so they found the pretty Eleanor Calder to Louis so they could stop all the talk about ''Larry Stylinson'' was real.
Selena G, Miley C & Demi L were the only one who knew the love between the boys.
In the same time Zayn just got out of his relationship with Perrie from ''Little mix.''
And is Liam falling in love in the beautiful party girl Miley Cyrus? Or is it Niall who is the lucky one? And will the pretty Ariana Grande ruing everything?
There will be drama, weddings, tears, hospitals, funerals.. And a baby.


6. 6

Harry read the text over and over again.

''Omg.. I love you.'' answered Harry and looked around in the room.

''Knock knock!'' Came Miley in the room.

''Hey Miley. Just come in.'' Smiled Harry.

''Omg, I'm sorry.'' Said Miley while her smile faded.

''It was a joke babe. What do you want?'' Asked Harry.

''Me and Zayn kissed to Taylor's party. I really like him, but he haven't called..'' Answered Miley.

''Oh. Don't be sad. He is in Sweden.'' Smiled Harry.

''With who!'' Yelled Miley.

''Liam and Perrie.'' Laughed Harry.

''Why Perrie and Liam? Why would Liam go to Sweden? Last time he was there he broke up with Danielle! And its like.. Yeah, not long time ago! And what the fuck? Perrie!'' Yelled Miley.

''Danielle is moved on you know. Perrie is just with them because she has a boring life babe.'' Smiled Harry. 

''You might be right.. But.. When is Zayn coming back?'' Asked Miley.

''The day before we are going on tour.'' Answered Harry.

''Okay. Wanna do something?'' Asked Miley now.

''No thanks. I got a hangover so I'm going to sleep.'' Answered Harry.

''Okay babe.'' Smiled Miley and walked out.

''Oh hey Miley!'' Yelled Niall to Miley in that moment the walked out.

''Hey. Harry is sleeping. So.. Wanna do something?'' Smiled Miley.

''Yeah. Why not!'' Smiled Niall.

''Okay. We are going to my house.'' Smiled Miley to Niall.

''Okay.'' Answered he and they walked.

''So.. Niall..'' Smiled Miley while they walked.

''So what?''

''Nothing.'' Smiled she.

''Uhm.. Okay.. Can I take your hand?'' Asked he.

''Thought you never would ask.'' Laughed she and took his hand.

''You are sweet.'' Said Niall.

''You to..'' Said she and looked him in the eyes.

''Thanks..'' Smiled Niall and crashed their lips together.



I'm sorry for there is no Larry in this..

It's going so slooooooooooow with the chapters because of school (sorry!)

But in the weekend I think I'm going to write so many chapters and long chapters I can.

About 2 weeks (09/09) I'm going to ''Bornholm'' (google itwith my class from Sunday to Thursday. so there will not be chapters then c;'

Love ya' all who is reading this fan fic. c;

Comment for more <3


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